New Japanese ‘Headshot’ Trailer is filled with pure insanity

"Headshot" on the cover of Rolling Stone.

“Headshot” cast on the cover of Rolling Stone.

The Mo Brothers, the filmmaking duo separately known as Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel, have teamed up with The Raid’s Iko Uwais for an action film titled Headshot (read our review). Starring alongside Uwais will be fellow Indonesian actresses Chelsea Elizabeth Islan (Refrain) and Julie Estelle (“Hammer Girl” from Raid 2), as well as Sunny Pang (The Collector).

According to Deadline, Headshot focuses on an amnesiac (Uwais) who, Bourne Identity-style, washes ashore with a serious and mysterious head injury. Shortly after being nursed back to health by a young doctor (Islan), his past comes back to haunt him.

If you’re familiar with The Mo Brothers’ work – such as the thrillers Macabre and Killers – expect a serious amount of bloodletting and hardcore violence. Of course, topping it off with Uwais’ fluid martial arts skill, one can only imagine the film’s insane outcome. After all, it is called Headshot.

Headshot will be available in Theaters and iTunes on March 3rd, courtesy of XYZ Films and Vertical.

Media: Character Teaser Posters. | Teaser Poster. | 6 character Posters. | 1st Trailer. | 2nd Trailer. | Behind-the-scenes Featurette. | 3rd Trailer. | U.S. Trailer.

Updates: Watch the New Japanese Trailer below (via FCS):

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18 Responses to New Japanese ‘Headshot’ Trailer is filled with pure insanity

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  2. Alex says:

    Wow, it looks amazing! Can’t wait to watch the final result. PS: What webpage did you get that pack of stills from?

  3. Alex says:

    By the way, do you think this film is going to be as amazing as “The Raid” saga was? By seeing the new pictures and posters, I hope so.

    • ToryK says:

      I wouldn’t come at it with that mindset. I think they’ll be similar in some areas, but overall, I think they’re gonna be different beasts.

  4. Akandipiripy says:

    Oh man Julie Estelle, what a beauty! Trailer looks insane. Cant wait for this. Maybe we see a blu-ray version from Asia before movie hits US theatres. Yeah!

  5. HKFanatic says:

    The trailer looks insane, stylish, and violent – but also quite indebted to the look and feel of “The Raid 2.” I hope that the Mo Brothers are able to inject enough of their own aesthetic to help differentiate this from “The Raid” series. I mean, “Macabre” is still one of the best horror movies of the last sixteen years, in my humble opinion. And I think dropping Iko Uwais into the middle of a scenario like “Macabre” would be more interesting than just a simple retread of “The Raid 2.”

    • ToryK says:

      I agree with you, actually. Putting Uwais in a gory action-horror movie would be bonkers. I also think Edwards and the Mo Brothers may have a bit of a Tarantino/Rodriguez thing going on – trading/sharing vibes/ideas/actors. This may be an evolution of that. But I’m with you in hoping that the Mo’s bring their own tone and aesthetic to the proceedings.

  6. Jigga says:

    WTH have to wait til Feb 17
    Wanna watch it now
    Anyways Iko always make one of the best action movie
    Can’t wait

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  8. True iko fan says:

    This is NOT Japanese!! And why would you think it is? Iko Uwais and his entire team and cast are Indonesian. And it’s filmed in Indonesia. Just like the raid 1 and 2. If your gonna write and article you might wanna know what your talking about first.

  9. True iko fan says:

    NOT JAPANESE….its Indonesian. Google it

  10. True iko fan says:

    I’ll take a note from trump and admit no wrong doing. We should be playing American only trailers and build a wall around Japan before they attack us me

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