Headshot | DVD (Lionsgate)

Headshot | DVD (Lionsgate)

Headshot | DVD (Lionsgate)

RELEASE DATE: June 13, 2017

On June 13, 2017, Lionsgate Home Entertainment will be releasing the DVD for Headshot (read our review), an Indonesian martial arts thriller directed by The Mo Brothers (Killers, Macabre).

A mysterious man (Iko Uwais) left for dead with a gunshot wound to the head jolts awake after months in a coma. Realizing that the man has lost his memory, Ailin (Chelsea Elizabeth Islan), a nurse, renames him Ishmael. The two grow close, but their peace is short-lived when Ailin is violently taken by ruthless criminals. Determined to save the woman who rescued him, Ishmael has no choice but to save Ailin.

Headshot also stars Julie Estelle (“Hammer Girl” from Raid 2), Sunny Pang (The Collector), Very Tri Yulisman (“Baseball Bat Man” from Raid 2) David Hendrawan, Epy Kusnandar and Zack Lee.

Pre-order Headshot from Amazon.com today!

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23 Responses to Headshot | DVD (Lionsgate)

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  2. Alex says:

    Wow, it looks amazing! Can’t wait to watch the final result. PS: What webpage did you get that pack of stills from?

  3. Alex says:

    By the way, do you think this film is going to be as amazing as “The Raid” saga was? By seeing the new pictures and posters, I hope so.

    • ToryK says:

      I wouldn’t come at it with that mindset. I think they’ll be similar in some areas, but overall, I think they’re gonna be different beasts.

  4. Akandipiripy says:

    Oh man Julie Estelle, what a beauty! Trailer looks insane. Cant wait for this. Maybe we see a blu-ray version from Asia before movie hits US theatres. Yeah!

  5. HKFanatic says:

    The trailer looks insane, stylish, and violent – but also quite indebted to the look and feel of “The Raid 2.” I hope that the Mo Brothers are able to inject enough of their own aesthetic to help differentiate this from “The Raid” series. I mean, “Macabre” is still one of the best horror movies of the last sixteen years, in my humble opinion. And I think dropping Iko Uwais into the middle of a scenario like “Macabre” would be more interesting than just a simple retread of “The Raid 2.”

    • ToryK says:

      I agree with you, actually. Putting Uwais in a gory action-horror movie would be bonkers. I also think Edwards and the Mo Brothers may have a bit of a Tarantino/Rodriguez thing going on – trading/sharing vibes/ideas/actors. This may be an evolution of that. But I’m with you in hoping that the Mo’s bring their own tone and aesthetic to the proceedings.

  6. Jigga says:

    WTH have to wait til Feb 17
    Wanna watch it now
    Anyways Iko always make one of the best action movie
    Can’t wait

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  8. True iko fan says:

    This is NOT Japanese!! And why would you think it is? Iko Uwais and his entire team and cast are Indonesian. And it’s filmed in Indonesia. Just like the raid 1 and 2. If your gonna write and article you might wanna know what your talking about first.

  9. True iko fan says:

    NOT JAPANESE….its Indonesian. Google it

  10. True iko fan says:

    I’ll take a note from trump and admit no wrong doing. We should be playing American only trailers and build a wall around Japan before they attack us again.trust me

  11. Jimmy P says:

    Why oh why can’t they release this on blu-ray? Lionsgate pulls this kind of crap all the time with their foreign film pick-ups. I guess that I will just have to import it.

    • Yeah, I’m really surprised. They need someone new to market their release of this movie. I would have used the key word “RAID” all over its cover, etc. Word on the street is that Arrow Video has the Blu-ray rights. Just waiting for the official word.

      • Paul Bramhall says:

        If Arrow Video has the Blu-ray rights then I’d definitely pick this up! A Lionsgate DVD-only release feels like it would be a disservice to this movie. Arrow would probably deliver some gritty extras as well.

        • Kung Fu Bob says:

          Agree with you both. Not mentioning THE RAID on the packaging? Huh? Huge marketing FAIL. And further, Lionsgate is screwing up with not only the DVD-only thing, but I am pretty sure I’ve picked up a few of their releases where the only English subtitles were the ones for the hearing impaired, including such distracting subs as “Music cue here” and “Engine makes a loud sound”. Lazy. I’ll definitely be ordering the (hopefully extras-laden) release from Arrow. They are putting it out in the UK on June 5th, which is fine with me as I own a multi-region player. I hope they release it as an R1 Blu-ray here in the states though for real fans that only have regular players. But I don’t think that’ll happen if Lionsgate has it for DVD…

  12. Paul Bramhall says:

    So Arrow are giving it a UK Blu-ray release? Perfect! Every day I’m more & more thankful that I put that extra bit of leg work in to make sure I purchased a multi-region player for both DVD’s & Blu-rays, it really makes all the difference. Shall add it to my existing Arrow pre-order of ‘Wolf Guy’ & ‘Doberman Cop’. “Sound of wallet rustling.”

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