The Magic of Manga: How Developers Have Used Manga to Make their Products Shine

Manga has become iconic in Japan, but that’s not the only place its influence has been felt. Although early Manga illustrations were seen as popular works sold to the masses in the 17th century, according to, the style took off in the 19th century. From here, illustrators found a home in comics and that gave rise to the Manga styling that we know and love today.

While Manga comics have now become staple reading for people in Japan, this isn’t the only place where the artwork can be seen. Indeed, as you scan popular culture around the world, the funky characters and engaging storylines have been used to enliven everything from movies to art and even games. For instance, the 1973 movie Golgo 13 was based on Manga that started in 1968. Although the 1983 Anime version of Golgo 13 achieved greater success, the movie was released in the West and stands as a testament to the popularity of Manga around the world.

Fusing Style and Substance to Create a Manga Slot Game

Beyond the movies, the Japanese style has become popular with games developers. Final Fantasy by Square Enix is a game that clearly draws inspiration from the worlds of Manga and Anime, as do games such as Gantz: The Game and J-Stars Victory Vs. However, it’s not just the video game community that’s embraced Manga. In the last two years, software developer NetEnt has brought the theme to the online casino world. The brand is known for its themed slots such as Planet of the Apes and Emojiplanet. Through these games, the developer has developed a reputation for creating games that are as artistic as they are lucrative.

According to the reviewers at, NetEnt has not only won Mobile Slot Supplier of the Year three times in a row because of their jackpots but because of their gameplay. Describing the design and themes as “elite level”, the reviewers suggest that NetEnt is among the top software providers in the iGaming industry. In 2015, this reputation was solidified thanks to the release of Manga-styled slot called Koi Princess. Like the comics it’s inspired by, the lead character, Koi Princess, and her surroundings are drawn in an edgy cartoon style. On top of this, the numbers and card symbols have a Japanese look to them that complements the Manga theme.

However, and this is why reviewers such as Online Casinos Canada rate NetEnt so highly, it’s not just the drawings that stand out. In a bid to fuse style and substance, the developer has included animations and bonus features that fit in with the Manga style you’d see at For example, as you spin the five reels, three fish (koi carp) will appear at random intervals and ask you to pick them. Much like a Manga character encounters certain people or beings who define their path in life, the fish each hold a unique bonus that can change your fate.

This ability to take a concept and bring it to life through gameplay as well as visuals is something NetEnt does extremely well. Of course, without the popularity of Manga, this would count for nothing. Indeed, despite its Japanese roots, it’s clear to see that this style has become a fantastic device for creative types in a variety of mediums.

Manga Makes a Great Slot Game

Another popular Manga slot is Panda Manga. Taking a slightly more tongue-in-cheek look at the genre, this game features everything from geishas and waving pandas to sushi. However, as entertaining as this game is on the surface, it lacks the depth of a spinner such as Koi Princess. Where NetEnt’s creation has features that fit into the Manga narrative (i.e. choosing your destiny), Panda Manga is more straightforward. What we mean by this is that wilds and scatter symbols unlock simple free spin and multiplier bonuses.

Of course, there’s certainly nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s all a matter of perspective. For players that simply like the look of a game and enjoy the artwork of Manga, a slot like Panda Manga is great. However, for those that want slightly more depth, Koi Princess from NetEnt is perfect. Whichever way you look at it, the one thing that’s clear is that Manga is a fantastic theme. Whether it’s in the slots world or another entertainment medium, the ability to offer stunning visuals and/or a clever storyline is the reason people around the world love Manga.

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