The Black Dragon’s Revenge | Blu-ray & DVD (Film Detective)

The Black Dragon's Revenge | Blu-ray & DVD (The Film Detective)

The Black Dragon’s Revenge | Blu-ray & DVD (The Film Detective)

RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2017

On, January 31, 2017, The Film Detective is unleashing The Black Dragon’s Revenge (aka The Death of Bruce Lee) on both Blu-ray and DVD.

This cult classic – which has been restored into HD from the original camera negative – is directed by Tony Liu Jun Guk (Tiger Over Wall) and stars martial arts sensation, Ron van Clief (Black Dragon).

Van Clief stars in this action thriller as a badass hired to try and find out the real reason behind Bruce Lee’s death. From the heyday of 1970s Blaxploitation and kung fu flicks, this movie demonstrates much of the same crude dialog and cut rate film techniques usually found in those genres, but succeeds by having a legitimate bad ass like van Clief in the lead role. Nicknamed “The Black Dragon” by Lee himself, van Clief is a showstopper!

The Black Dragon’s Revenge also stars Dai Sai Aan (The Pilferer’s Progress), Jason Pai Piao (Killer Constable), Yuen Qiu (The Bodyguard), Philip Ko Fei (The Challenger) and Charlie Chan Yiu Lam (The Secret Rivals 2).

Pre-order The Black Dragon’s Revenge from today!

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