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Saviour Monk, The (1975) Review

Director: Leung Chit Foo Producer: Chang Yan-Tao Cast: Doris Lung Chung Erh, Tong Wai, Philip Ko Fei, Chin Chi Min, Ma Cheung, Yuen Sam, Lee Ying, Tit Mang Chau Running Time: 87 min. By Paul Bramhall The Saviour Monk is … Continue reading

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Deadly Strike | aka Wanted! Bruce Li, Dead or Alive (1978) Review

AKA: Bruce Lee’s Deadly Strike Director: Huang Lung Producer: Tsai Hsien Action Director: Huang Lung Cast: Bruce Li (aka Ho Chung Tao), Chen Sing, Tang Wei, Lung Fei, Choy Hung, Sze Chung Tien, Chu Li, Su Chin Ping, Li Min … Continue reading

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