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Valley of the Double Dragon | aka Fist Fighter (1974) Review

AKA: Kung Fu of Taekwondo Director: Ulysses Au-Yeung Jun Producer: Lu Ching-Hang Cast: Kim Jin-pal, Sylvester Williams, Lin Chen Chi, Suen Yuet, Fang Mien, Liu Ping, Ma Cheung Running Time: 88 min.  By Paul Bramhall When it comes to the old-school kung … Continue reading

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Fantasy Mission Force (1982) Review

AKA: Fire Dragon Director: Chu Yen Ping Producer: Shen Hsiao Yi Cast: Jackie Chan, Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, Jimmy Wang Yu Running Time: 90 min. By JJ Hatfield This is definitely one of those films that viewers just love or … Continue reading

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Bruce Takes the Dragon (1974) Review

AKA: Bruce Takes Dragon Town Director: Liu Hung Sheng Producer: Chen Wei Ling Cast: Yuen Si Wo, Chiang Sheng, Lung Fei, Suen Yuet, Lee Keung By Mighty Peking Man This movie sucks AND here are the reasons why: 1.) The … Continue reading

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City on Fire (1987) Review

Director: Ringo Lam Producer: Karl Maka Writer: Shum Sai-Sing Cast: Chow Yun-Fat, Danny Lee, Sun Yueh, Carrie Ng, Roy Cheung, Lau Kong, Mark Cheng, Wu Ma, Maria Cordero Running Time: 105 min. By Retter No frills raw undercover cop story … Continue reading

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