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Shaolin: The Blood Mission (1984) Review

AKA: The Fourth Largest Shaolin Temple Director: Park Woo-sang Writer: Hong Chi-Yun Producer: Tomas Tang Cast: Hwang Jang Lee, Ho Kei Cheong, Suen Kwok Ming, Poon Cheung, Luo Hua-Sheng, Olivia Hung Running Time: 85 min. By Paul Bramhall The name of … Continue reading

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Strike of Thunderkick Tiger (1981) Review

AKA: My Name is Twin Legs Director: Park Woo Sang Writer: Raymond To Producer: Thomas Tang Cast: Charles Han, Casanova Wong, Bak Min Wong, Han Jee Ha, Peggy Min, Lisa Lee, Billy Yuen, Alfred Ma, Chan Taiyun, Dragon Lee, Phillip … Continue reading

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L.A. Streetfighters | aka Ninja Turf (1985) Review

Director: Park Woo-sang (aka Richard W. Park) Producer: Jun Chong, Phillip Rhee Writer: Ji-woon Hong, Jaime Mendoza-Nava Cast: Jun Chong, Phillip Rhee, James Lew, Rosanna King, Bill Wallace, Ken Nagayama, Frank Marmolejo, Dorin Mukama, Mark Hicks, Loren Avedon, Arlene Montano, … Continue reading

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