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Legend of Wisely, The (1987) Review

AKA: Legend of the Golden Pearl Director: Teddy Robin Kwan Writer: Gerald Liu Producer: Sam Hui Cast: Sam Hui, Ti Lung, Joey Wong, Teddy Robin Kwan, Bruce Baron, Blacky Ko, Heidi Makinen, Alan Kuo Yau Lun, Alan Lee, Kim Fan … Continue reading

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Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind | aka Don’t Play With Fire (1980) Review

AKA: Dangerous Encounters – 1st Kind Director: Tsui Hark Writer: Roy Szeto Cheuk-hon, Eddie Fong, and Chan Fong Cast: Lin Chen Chi, Lo Lieh, Tse Bo-law, Lung Tin-sang, Ray Lui, and Bruce Barron Running Time: 91 min. By Mighty Peking … Continue reading

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Ninja Destroyer (1986) Review

Director: Godfrey Ho Producer: Joseph Lai Cast: Stuart Smith, Bruce Barron, Richard Berman, Timothy Nugent, Sorapong Chatri, Na Yen Na, Pedros Ernyes, Rick Jenkins, Roger Seller, Richard Chit, Peter Ramwa, Surian Suryoog, Luck Apichart, Anne Aswatep, Jack Wong Running Time: … Continue reading

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Power Force | aka Dragon Force (1982) Review

Director: Michael Mak Dong Git Producer: Terence Chang Cast: Bruce Barron, Bruce Li (aka Ho Chung Tao, James Ho), Mandy Moore, Frances Wong, Olivia Jeng, James Barnett, Randy Channel, Raichard Lau, Molo, Sam Sorono, Hal Archer, Biu Lui Si Ang … Continue reading

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