Sly Stallone hints a dark return to the ‘Expendables’ franchise

"Expendables 4" Japanese Theatrical Poster

“Expendables 4” Japanese Theatrical Poster

Expendables 3’s box office belly flop a few years ago, possibly due to its early online leakage, left the franchise in limbo. It also didn’t help that the film’s final cut was a narrowed to a PG-13, which created a fan backlash since the first two in the series were known for their R-rated content.

Shortly after Part 3’s release, Sylvester Stallone himself admitted that making it PG-13 was a miscalculation, and promised that the next film would be a Rated R.

Then in March 2017, it was reported that Stallone left the series after a disagreement with Avi Lerner. According to Deadline: “Stallone and Nu Image/Millennium chief Avi Lerner could not find common ground on a new director, on the script and on certain qualitative elements of the film.”

But now, nearly 5 months later, Stallone has had a change of heart and things might be looking up for an Expendables 4. Just recently, Stallone posted a picture with a caption saying: The Expendables about to get ”…very dark”…. again… (via Instagram).

Unfortunately, that’s where Stallone left off, but if it becomes a reality, we should be getting some official news – possibly when Lionsgate releases The Expendables 3-Film Collection in October.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about Expendables 4. In the meantime, Stallone has a number of films under his belt that include Escape Plan 2: Hades, Ex-Baghdad (with Jackie Chan) and Creed II (which may mark the return of Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago from Rocky IV).

Hopefully Stallone’s indecisive mind will bring him to another one of these…

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