Well Go USA proves they’re a bunch of ‘Swindlers’

"Swindlers" Theatrical Poster

“Swindlers” Theatrical Poster

Well Go USA has announced the release of The Swindlers, a crime-caper from first-time director Jang Chang-won. The film will be swindling its way to U.S. theaters on December 1st.

The Swindlers involves a con artist who goes head to head with a corrupt  prosecutor. It’s a game of revenge, fraud and elimination from both sides of the field.

The Swindlers stars Hyun-Bin (Confidential Assignment), Yoo Ji-Tae (Old Boy), Bae Sung-Woo (Inside Men), Park Sung-Woong (Operation Chromite), An Se-Ha (One-Line), Nana (Fashion King) and Choi Duk-Moon (Roaring Currrents).

Don’t miss the film’s Trailer below:

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