‘Street Fight’ trailer promises Hong Kong-style fight scenes

"Street Fight" Promotional Poster

"Street Fight" Promotional Poster

Street Fight is a 70-minute martial arts film by the Aberdeen based, Noble Brothers Productions. The film follows the story of a young drug addict that wants to turn his life around. However, his plan involves entering a brutal fighting competition that puts him and all the people close to him in great danger.

The film contains 12 gruelling fight scenes. Each fight is choreographed by the films editor, producer, director and lead star, Graeme Noble. The fight scenes in the film are heavily influenced by Hong Kong cinema of the 1980’s. The film was shot entirely on location in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Street Fight shall be submitted to a few film festivals, including the Action On Film International Film Festival in California. Be sure and check out the trailer for Street Fight.

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