Steven Seagal 8-Movie Collection | DVD (Sony)

"Steven Seagal 8-Movie DVD Collection" Cover

“Steven Seagal 8-Movie DVD Collection” Cover

RELEASE DATE: February 7, 2017

On February 7, 2017, Sony is releasing this 8-Movie Steven Seagal Collection on DVD. Sorry, no theatrical classics like Above the Law, Out for Justice, Under Siege or Exit Wounds to be found, but depending on your taste, this is either a great deal or a great rip-off:

Here’s what the Direct-to-DVD collection includes (spread out on 4 discs): 2003’s The Foreigner, 2003’s Out of a Kill, 2004’s Out of Reach, 2005’s Black Dawn, 2005’s Today You Die, 2006’s Shadow Man, 2007’s Flight of Fury and 2007’s Urban Justice.

At less than $2 a flick, can you go wrong? Anyway, if you’re a Seagal fan, check out our recent reviews for End of a Gun and Contract to Kill.

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One Response to Steven Seagal 8-Movie Collection | DVD (Sony)

  1. Paul Bramhall says:

    Man, that cover is straight out of a comic book! For me ‘Out For a Kill’ and ‘Urban Justice’ make the set worth a look, both are decent DTV actioners. Of course, the pearl of the set is ‘Out of Reach’, the single most bizarre movie Seagal has ever appeared in. Rampant voice dubbing, telepathy with a pen pal, bird watching, and of course, Eastern Europe locales. Once watched, it lingers in the memory.

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