Ready for the edge of tomorrow on a fury road in ‘Pathfinder’

"Pathfinder" Teaser Poster

“Pathfinder” Teaser Poster

Zhang Xiaobei, the writer of An Inaccurate Memoir and Time to Love, is making his directorial debut with a sci-fi actioner that bears resemblance to popular films such as Alien/Aliens, Mad Max, and even features powered exoskeleton suits, as seen in recent productions like Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow.

So what can be expected of the film’s plot – who cares!? With an aforementioned description like that, you’ve probably already made up your mind whether you wanna see it, right? The film stars Song Yang (The Final Master), Qi Xi (Someone to Talk To) and Qu Jingjing (Birth of the Dragon).

Look out for Pathfinder in 2018. Until then, don’t miss the film’s first Trailer (via AFS):

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2 Responses to Ready for the edge of tomorrow on a fury road in ‘Pathfinder’

  1. AFS says:

    The film is directed by Zhang Xiaobei, not Su Chao-Pin.

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