Sho Kosugi to make “big budget” martial arts film with son

"Revenge of the Ninja" Theatrical Poster

"Revenge of the Ninja" Theatrical Poster

Sho Kosugi (9 Deaths of the NinjaNinja III: The Domination), the most popular face of the 1980s “ninja craze,” has revealed to Arrow Video that he’s writing an English-language biography followed by a “big budget” martial arts movie.

The movie was supposed to be Kosugi’s third collaboration with director Gordon Hessler (Pray for Death), but due to Hessler’s passing in 2014, the project was put on hold.

“We put together a screenplay, but I can’t tell you too much about it. But, it’s big studio, big budget. It’s very interesting. But unfortunately, he [Hessler] passed away a couple of years ago. But in memory of our relationship, I’ll definitely make this big budget movie,” said Kosugi.

Kosugi then explained that the movie will feature practical action with no computer generated special effects: “Nowadays, everything is CG. That’s why my next movie – with my son and myself – will be very good. The main fighting sequence won’t have CG at all. Great fighting sequence. We can show my skill and my son’s skill.”

He continued, “This original screenplay I wrote with Gordon Hessler about 10 years ago. And from there – I scratch here and there – putting it together. And finally, at the end of this year, the book is coming out. We’re going to shoot in Japan, and in Los Angeles, California. I am the main guy and my son. Not Kane. My second boy, Shane. He’ll be the lead. And I’ll be director, producer, actor, choreographer and writer.”

As children, both Kane (Ninja WarriorTekken 2) and Shane Kosugi (Kage, Ninja Warrior) appeared in most of Kosugi’s 1980s output, including Revenge of the Ninja, 9 Deaths of the Ninja, Pray for Death and Black Eagle.

We’ll keep you updated on Kosugi’s upcoming book and movie as we hear more. Until then, be sure to catch Parts I and II of Kosugi’s full interview (cleverly titled Sho and Tell) in Arrow Video’s Blu-ray release for Pray for Death and Rage of Honor, which hits on March 15th – both are available at

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9 Responses to Sho Kosugi to make “big budget” martial arts film with son

  1. Cho says:

    I must be dreaming here man. Somebody pinch me. I cannot believe what I am reading here. This guy and his movies have long been a major favorite of mine. I thought the new blu ray releases were the best news as of late but a new movie I’ll take any day. Wow. Surprised it’s Shane instead of Kane though. Either way hearing this gives me goosebumps.

    • Not a dream. lol I’m not sure how determined Sho is about getting it done, but judging from the interview, he seems very serious about it. I’m sure his meaning of “big budget” is different from the big budget we know of. I can’t see him doing a $75 million production, even if Hessler (he’s a B movie filmmaker) was once connected. The two did Journey of Honor back in 1991 for $10,000,000, but that was over 20 years ago! But with the right crew –while being smart with money – he can make a film look great (The Raid 2’s budget was 4,500,000). But then again, he does say it’s a big studio film so who knows. But not sure how a big studio would feel about him directing for the first time.

      I’m surprised he’s doing the film with Shane, because Kane seems to be the one who has an established career. Shane does have some serious agility, as he appeared on Ninja Warrior along with Kane. Big budget, low budget, no budget… it’ll be nice to see something new from Sho!

  2. Mo says:

    Does anyone here know if there’s still the existing “beef” between Sho and his son, Kane? Years ago, Sho had said some pretty harsh things about his son.

    • I heard about this, but never knew the details. What was their beef? Pretty sad if they’re still at odds. I know that Sho really pushed his sons’ careers in the 1980s. He practically worked them into his movies every chance he got. Also, it helps to carry the name “Kosugi” when you’re trying to break into the movie business, just as Kane probably did (carrying the name definitely didn’t hurt!). But then again, there’s two sides to every story.

      • Mo says:

        It’s been years since I read about it – there was some sort of falling out between them, but I remember it being less about riding the coattails of the Kosugi name (Kane has done rather well overseas and in HK) and more about Kane’s lack of carrying the ninjitsu legacy. Sadly, all I feel I’m doing is spreading gossip as I can’t find the original article/interview.

  3. Cho says:

    I read the article about Kane and Sho as well. So I’m sure there’s something to it but you think they would have been over any rift by now. To me you really have to have both in the film like the old days but I guess that’s not going to happen. I read on imdb back in 2006 there was movie in preproduction called “Return of the Ninja” that he was doingand I kind of thought it turned out to be Ninja Assassi but now it seems more apparent that this movie was the one he and Hessler were working on. I just hope it gets made.

  4. Ebb says:

    Any updated info on this movie project??

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