Kara Hui and Anthony Wong get ‘Stained’ while in action

"Stained" Promotional Poster

“Stained” Promotional Poster

Kara Hui (Wu Xia, Mrs K), the martial arts icon famous for appearing in Shaw Brothers films like My Young Auntie and Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, is back in action with Stained, an upcoming Fox mini-series directed by Patrick Kong (72 Tenants of Prosperity).

The upcoming series also stars Hong Kong heavy Anthony Wong (Ebola Syndrome, The Sleep Curse) and Tse Kwan Ho (Full Strike).

According to VarietyStained is filmed entirely in Hong Kong. It features five one-hour episodes each inspired by real-life crimes that happened in the territory over the past five years and which had caused a sensation in the city.

Stained is scheduled to be broadcast globally later this year on SCM, Fox Networks’ Asia-wide Chinese movie channel. It will also be available to subscribers on Fox+. Until then, don’t miss the Trailer for Hui’s latest, Mrs K (read our review):

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