Final trailer for Netflix’s ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2’

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny" Chinese Theatrical Poster

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny" Chinese Theatrical Poster

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (aka Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny), the sequel to Ang Lee’s martial arts epic, will be premiering around the world on Netflix on Friday February 26, 2016 and will also be available in selected IMAX theaters.

Yuen Woo-ping (True Legend) directs a script by John Fusco (The Forbidden Kingdom), which will be based off the fifth book in Wang Du Lu’s Crane-Iron Pentalogy – the same source material Ang Lee used for the original film. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny stars Donnie Yen (Kung Fu Jungle) and Michelle Yeoh (Yes, Madam).

Other cast members include Nicholas Tse (As the Lights Go Out), Harry Shum Jr. (Revenge of the Green Dragons), Jason Scott Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), Veronica Ngo (The Rebel), Chris Pang (Fist of the Dragon), Darryl Quon (Arrow), Roger Yuan (Once Upon A Time in Vietnam) and Eugenia Yuan (The Drummer).

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny will continue to revolve around Yu Shu Lien (Yeoh). “This was an opportunity to explore a lifelong passion I’ve had for Wu Xia, and if there wasn’t continuing source material, I would never have gotten involved,” says Fusco.

Media: 1st full trailer. | Chinese trailer. | 2nd trailer.

Updates: Watch the 3rd trailer – and read our review for the film!

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38 Responses to Final trailer for Netflix’s ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2’

  1. Ningen says:

    Wait, I thought Harvey and Sony were still in a legal battle over the rights.

  2. Tien Kwon says:

    You know it’s about money when they make sequels. Look at Gordon Chan’s Painted Skin. I like how this movie ended, and I didn’t know China was gonna make a sequel to it lol. It’s called Painted Skin: The Resurrection, directed by someone else. The trailer and the movie cover looks like crap but it seem to had done well in the box office. There is not much negative reviews either, and I was hoping for it. All I know is that Donnie Yen isn’t in part 2. As for a CTHD sequel, I’m not diggin’ it. Leave that film alone Weinstein Company.

  3. David says:

    You’re very welcome! Considering both Chow Yun Fat and Zhang Ziyi’s characters died, Michelle Yeoh is most likely the only one returning from the original..

    – David V.
    Curator of Martial Arts Action Cinema

  4. Sun says:

    Looking forward for Michelle Yeoh’s coming back!

  5. Spirit says:

    As long as they put love and affection in this, I’m all for it. Not a cash in, a true sequel.

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  7. Ningen says:

    Frankly, at this point, I’d rather see a new alleged sequel to The Forbidden Kingdom than CTHD.

  8. Chen Ziao Long says:

    Donnie Yen better join fucking Michelle Yeoh 2!

  9. Ningen says:

    “The Chinese movie website says Black Swan and Robocop remake producer David Thwaites will direct the sequel,”

    Which makes perfect sense, since he’s totally qualified to grasp the cultural nuances of the original story. *sarcasm*

  10. DiP says:

    Woo Ping, Yeoh, Yen… Guess I won’t complain anymore. Still, this is at a high risk of becoming a average movie. We’ll see…

  11. Tien Kwon says:

    hold the muffins! throw the potatoes! wtf!?!? omg! it doesn’t get any crazier than this… i don’t know about a sequel but i like the idea of YWP, Yen, Yeoh together again. i think there is some kind of chemistry between donnie and michelle…. he was in love with her in Butterfly and Sword, and Wing Chun.

    i remember that one scene in Butterfly where a drunken donnie was looking at this drawing of michelle and he started kissing it so hard that the ink from the drawing got all over his mouth. lol

  12. Ningen says:

    It might work, but I’m not sure why Harvey still wants a sequel so badly, other than to white-wash his record of being an a-hole to Asian films. The original film just came out at the right time, when there was a dearth of period kung fu films. But now they’re back, and a new one will just have trouble standing out in the crowd.

  13. STDZ says:

    I wish they would make them like they did in the 90’s, but all these asian directors think they have to use CGI now and it looks horrible in a wuxia or martial arts film. I am glad Donnie is making a lot of movies but still no homeruns yet.

  14. Tien Kwon says:

    In English? Nooooooooo!!!! It’s reminding me of The Forbidden Kingdom.

  15. Matthew S. says:

    I was pumped for this movie. Mainly because it’s going to star Donnie Yen. But in ENGLISH!?! This is just going to be retarded.

  16. Ningen says:

    More delusional bullshit from Harvey about him thinking he knows what will sell these films better than anyone else. But hey, if the actors are bilingual, it doesn’t matter, right? Unless they got Ken Watanabe-style thick accents, of course…

  17. Chad Harry says:

    I’m just way too optimistic and hope for the best. I always willing to support a sequel of a film or at least give it a chance. Sometimes people can knock one out of the park. While I did enjoy CTHD alot. I never dreamed it would get a sequel. As for the filmed in English idea. I understand why they are doing that. Alot of people…especially big wig producers and film makers do not believe American audiences have the patience to sit through an orifinal Asian film( like heavy dramatic moments) and have it cut down to feature mainly nothing but action (Take The recent Gradmaster film as an idea). Same thing can be said about filming it in English as these big wigs think it will be more acceptable to American audiences. I may not know how to speak a single Asian language but I enjoy watching these films in the original language they were made. Subtitles are fine with me.

  18. JJ Hatfield says:

    In my experience sequels are usually made as part of a cashchise (franchise).I can see “CTHD 3” in the offing.Cheaper to make a movie with built in established characters (even though some are dead) It’s rare that a director or others involved make a sequel(s) for love of the work. You’re right Ningen and the subtitles were about as well done as you can do when trying to substitute one language for another. It seems only right to have the language fit the film. If I’m watching a Russian film, about Russian people, Russian culture etc. then I want to be watching the film in Russian.
    However perhaps there is some good that can come from pursuit of even more $’s than CTHD. Being shot in English means more people will be seeing it and that translates literally into more dollars but it also means more people being introduced to the Chinese culture and in a small way the Chinese people. If that leads to enough interest more films will be made available to a wider audience

  19. STDZ says:

    Did they forget how to DUB movies? It sure seems like it or somebody just got really damn lazy.

  20. STDZ says:

    No Donnie Yen? Then I don’t give a shit about this movie anymore.

  21. Lau Ching Wan says:

    LOL! Sounds like a complete disaster.

  22. Nick EML says:

    No Woo-Ping choreography? That is going to hurt this greatly. I have seen The Rebel, and while I thought it was good, the fight choreography was a bit stiff and a little slow. Hopefully with the cast of this movie, those two problems with The Rebel won’t be a big deal here. Here’s hoping.

  23. Jephta says:

    Please guys, let’s allow this movie. There haven’t been much chinese cultural movie in english and besides this is a hollywood movie making a chinese story so it has all the right to be in english or do you want donnie who is an asian American and can speak good english to keep speaking chinese all the days of his movie career while we strain our eyes to read the subtitle, no. Time has come from him to break into hollywood and this is the start. Besides donnie himself said the idea of making a such asian culture movie with english has never been so its a good idea.

  24. Anastasiia says:

    will there be “Enter the Master” movie? Nicholas Tse has been rumored to star alongside (or should better say) apposite Donnie. Has it been agreed?

  25. STDZ says:

    This sucks! Netflix messing up the movie business, I want to see this in the theater! I don’t have and don’t want Netflix.

  26. William Fluker says:

    O wow i didnt even know this was coming out, i definetly gotta see it when it comes out tho

  27. Paul Bramhall says:

    Did you know that in the insect world, when the female mantis finishes mating with the male, she will then cannibalize the males head and kill it? Still, if that mantis was Veronica Ngo, I think I could quite happily accept that fate.

  28. DougWonnacott says:

    Veronica Ngo was terrific in The Rebel and Clash. I was hoping she would do some more MA films.

    I think if you try to avoid direct comparisons with the original, this sequel looks pretty good so far. I think it will be more ‘Martial’ than ‘Art’ than the first one (if that makes sense).


  30. Danny says:

    Actress Juju Chan is playing Silver Dart Shi, She portrays a protector, and fights on the same side of Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeoh.

  31. Ningen21 says:

    What a shocker. Harvey delaying the release of yet *another* Asian film.

  32. Ningen21 says:

    Wow. It surprisingly looks good in *spite* of Harvey being involved.

    • Ningen21 says:

      Scratch that last one. The film did *not* need an electronic cover of Bad Moon Rising. And frankly, I think Into the Badlands seem to have more going for it. In other words, I already seen it done better elsewhere. Anyway, just buy those Golden Harvest releases COF mentioned earlier. Supporting anything Asian-related from Harvey just means more cut shit down the road. A total bait-and-switch.

      • Ningen21 says:

        I think Harvey’s confusing CTHD with Iron Monkey.

        • Ningen21 says:

          I think the real issue is there’s no real *need* for a sequel to CTHD. It worked fine on its own. Maybe the novels do a better job of adding to the story, but they can get away with milking stuff in novels like that. When you’re continuing a story on the big screen, though, there has to be a compelling interest for it to be made. Otherwise, it’s like those damned extended Hobbit movies.

  33. Ningen21 says:

    See, that’s what Harvey should’ve done in the first place: have the actors speak their goddamned lines in English ahead of time, not long after the movie was made, where it looks out of place, like that fake Drunken Master 2 movie, ‘The Legend’ or whatever.

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