A look at Juno Mak’s gangster flick ‘Sons of the Neon Night’

"Sons of the Neon Night" Teaser Poster

“Sons of the Neon Night” Teaser Poster

Juno Mak (Dream Home), the actor/director of 2013’s Rigor Mortis, is putting his finishing touches on Sons of the Neon Night, an upcoming gangster epic with an all-star cast that includes Louis Koo (Three), Takeshi Kaneshiro (Wu Xia), Ritchie Ren (Trivisa), Tony Leung Ka Fai (League of Gods), Kara Hui (Mrs K), Gao Yuanyuan (Robin-B-Hood), Michelle Wai (As The Light Goes Out) and Conan Lee (Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit).

Here’s a poetic description of the film from Mak himself: “A land free of drugs depicts utopia, or so they say – Yet only those who have been there would know the eternal flames that burn in that place called Hell. It was with his creation of medicine that men began deluding himself about the illusive power to ordain life and death. Be it naivety or arrogance, we glory in awe, eyes closed; deaf to the quiet humming of destruction that lingers on the edge of desire. As it goes, blood weeps more eagerly than tears in a merciless world.”

Want a less poetic description? Take it from Mike Leeder (Ultimate Justice), who describes the film as “a post-apocalyptic gangster thriller set in a snowed-in Hong Kong.” Whatever the case, we’re there.

Check out a New Behind-the-Scenes featurette below (via AFS):

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