Deal on Fire! Outlaw Gangster VIP Collection | Blu-ray | Only $39.99 – Expires soon!

Outlaw Gangster VIP Collection | Blu-ray (Arrow Video)

Outlaw Gangster VIP Collection | Blu-ray (Arrow Video)

Today’s Deal on Fire is for Arrow Video’s Blu-ray for the Outlaw Gangster VIP Collection.

In 1968, acclaimed director Toshio Masuda (Rusty Knife, Tora! Tora! Tora!) and rising star Tetsuya Watari (Tokyo Drifter) teamed up for Outlaw: Gangster VIP, a gritty yakuza yarn based on the writings of real life ex-gangster Goro Fujita

The series offers up a depiction of the Japanese underworld that was unprecedented in its realism and its sympathetic portrayal of its protagonist as a man haunted by his past, unable to escape a life of crime. The success of the initial instalment spawned five sequels, continuing the story of the lone wolf “Slasher” Goro and his quest for redemption

The films presented a new kind of realism and violence that would prefigure Kinji Fukasaku’s Battles Without Honor and Humanity series, with their winning combination of brutal violence, gang warfare and sweeping romance, these films make for a unique and unforgettable viewing experience

The set includes six films in the Outlaw series released for the first time in the west: Gangster VIP (our review), Gangster VIP 2 (our review), Heartless (our review), Goro the Assassin (our review), Black Dagger (our review), and Kill! (our review).

Order the Outlaw Gangster VIP Collection from today!

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2 Responses to Deal on Fire! Outlaw Gangster VIP Collection | Blu-ray | Only $39.99 – Expires soon!

  1. Opiumkungfuasshole says:

    I wish y’all were giving this one away, 😉

  2. Big Ben says:

    I’ve heard these were great films. More films for you guys to review!

    Now Arrow, please release the New Battles Without Honor films!

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