Not Scared to Die | aka Fist of Anger (1973) Review

"Fist of Anger" Chinese Theatrical Poster

“Fist of Anger” Chinese Theatrical Poster

AKA: In Eagle Shadow Fist
Director: Zhu Mu
Writer: Su Lan
Producer: Hoi Ling
Cast: Wong Ching, Alex Lung Ji Fei, Lee Man Tai, Yam Ho, Kok Lee Yan, Yuen Qiu, Yuen Cheung Yan, Lau Kar Wing, Jackie Chan, Chiang Nan, Fung Hak On
Running Time: 85 min.

By Numskull

Let’s see here. Multiple alternate titles: check. Evil Japanese invaders incessantly harassing the women and old folks: check. Jackie Chan, before anyone knew who he was: check. Absurdly abundant and even more absurdly fake-looking blood: check. Pitifully small selection of sound effects for fight scenes: check.

Yup, sounds like a recipe for crap to me. This is probably the movie that Jackie Chan wishes he could forget more than any other…and perhaps he has, since he’s taken so many blows to the head and made so many other shitfests since its completion. Avoid like the cliche…er, the plauge.

Numskull’s Rating: 2/10

By Alvin George

A stupid ’70s movie about actors in China who go up against the Japanese during WWII This film has it all: bad dubbing, grainy filmstock, mediocre fight scenes, and an incredibly lame plot. A young Jackie Chan, wearing a buzz cut, dies about halfway through the movie and I just about died too. In fact, after he died, I didn’t watch this movie any further. I wish Mike and the ‘bots from “Mystery Science Theater 3000” were around to make fun of this awful film.

Alvin George’s Rating: 0/10

By Cody

This is one of the films that I have listed as one of Jackie’s worst movies. The reasons that I don’t like this movie are quite obvious. JACKIE DIES! You will not believe how angry I was when Jackie died in the middle of the film. I felt like whooping the manager of the Blockbuster by my house’s ass. Another thing I hate about this film is the plot, which is the usual “Fist of Fury/ I hate Japs” deal.

After watching it a second time, I tried to ingnore Jackie dying and consentrated on the film itself, but it still didn’t help. The fights are terrible, especially the finale. The chinese renegade and the japanese fighter fight through a mountain, a plain, a jungle, a pond, and finally back to the mountain where the chinese guy sticks his fingers in the japanese’s eyes and then throws him down the mountain.

Don’t go through the horror that I have been through, please don’t rent this movie.

Cody’s Rating: 0/10 “Jackie, what are you doing?” “Killing Japs!”

By Vic Nguyen

You know, I always thought that the word “shit” meant excrements coming out of your ass. After watching this film, I finally found out the true meaning of this word. Jackie only makes a 15 minute supporting character role, which really sucks hairy dick!!

This movie is so crappy that it is beyond comprehension. It is so crappy that it makes “The Protector” look Oscar worthy. It is so crappy that I would rather spend my time getting together with all the guest reviewers on this page and take turns sandwiching Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp. Heck, I wouldn’t mind having the president join in, just as long as I’m not watching this film! It is so crappy that I would rather spend time drinking lighter fluid and stick a match up my ass to see what the effect was! It is so crappy that I would rather go to a Hanson concert, hop on stage, and beat the living crap out of those fags (I might just do that anyway), then spend the next couple of years imprisoned in an LA county jail with a cellmate named Bertha than watch this film.

Stay away from this film! A good use for the tape besides being a paperweight is that it makes a good flaming douche bag filler upper. In case that you haven’t got the message, stay away from the film, believe me, you’d rather stick your nose up a horse’s ass than watch a film like this. You could trust me on this one. (I know, I’m doing a cheap and very lame Numskull imitation, but it’s alot of fun though)

Vic Nguyen’s Rating: Just take 0/10, subtract it by the first 10 digit number that comes to your head, and divide it by 2 (This is only because that eye part at the end was cool, but good luck sitting through it til the end)

By Jim Carrey

I don’t know about ya’ll, but this is how Dimension would release this film in the theaters in a land filled with horrible movies: There’s never a descent actor around when you need him but when this actor’s around, one is all you need – Jackie Chan in his worst movie ever EAGLE SHADOW FIST….Well I’ll be fair, we learned 2 things from this picture: We now know the color of blood is a bright neon red and women, children, and the blind can be killed on screen with no remorse – And talk about the actor playing the hero, I’m not crackin’ on the guy or anything, but facially, every time I saw him, I felt like saying “It’s Howdy Doody Time, It’s Howdy Doody Time…”.

It hurts me to say what I’m about to – The action director for the film was Yuen Cheung-Yan, that’s right, the brother of Yuen Wo-Ping, he’s even in the movie at the beginning. He plays the head of the Japanese soldiers who march backstage to capture Jackie and Howdy Doody. Even worse, another Yuen Clan member, Yuen Yat-Chor also has a cameo as one of the guys hiding in the bushes who kill Jackie. I can’t believe the action director for this piece of crap was the same guy who did the action for “Once Upon A Time In China”, “Fire Dragon”, “Sword of Many Loves”, “King of Beggars”, “Operation Pink Force 2” and “Miracle Fighters”.

Now that I’ve disclosed this horrible secret I feel my life may be in danger from the Yuen Clan. I’m not scared though, I’ll just hire Wang Yu for protection — after all, I am one who loved Fantasy Mission Force.

Jim Carrey’s Rating: 1/10

By Andrew

Once a friend and I were watching an old James Bond film with lousy acting, stupid gags, and a really stupid plot. Every five minutes he would shout out “THIS JAMES BOND SUCKS!” Six months later I got my hands on this film, and watched it with my friend. His reaction was exactly the same- “THIS JACKIE CHAN SUCKS!” Other comments included “They were learning how to use fake blood in this one” and “stupid”.

I really can’t explain it, all I know is that this film fails to entertain on any level. There’s no comedy, the acting was a tragedy, and the fighting scenes were all pathetic, usually consisting of one guy pounding on another guy’s chest once and watching him die. There was one cool camera trick where a solid object looked liquid when it was out of focus. That was the only entertaining clip in the entire film.

Andrew’s Rating: 0/10

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