Nick Cheung gives us a ‘Taste of Crime’ in this New Trailer

"Taste of Crime" Teaser Poster

“Taste of Crime” Teaser Poster

Hong Kong actor/filmmaker Nick Cheung (The White Storm) is stepping out of his comfort zone by making a gangster-themed movie called Taste of Crime, which will serve as his 3rd directorial project. You may recall that his first two features – 2014’s Hungry Ghost Ritual and 2015’s Keeper of the Darkness – were both horror genre films.

Plot details on Taste of Crime are thin, but judging from the film’s new Trailer (below) audiences can expect stylish, bleak thriller with shades of explosive action. Also highlighted is a little girl that is apparently being protected by Cheung’s character, which makes one think Luc Besson’s Léon: The Professional or Lee Jeong-beom’s The Man from Nowhere (or for you Bollywood fans, Rocky Handsome).

Without further ado, check out the film’s Trailer below (via AFS):

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