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Trust and betrayal mean nothing in ‘The Merciless’ Trailer

In the tradition of Nah Hyeon’s recent film, The Prison, comes The Merciless (aka Hoodlum), an upcoming crime thriller by writer/director Byun Sung-Hyun (Whatcha Wearin’?). The Merciless involves a couple of prisoners (Sol Kyung-Gu of Another Public Enemy and Siwan of The Attorney) and their search … Continue reading

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Operation Mekong (2016) Review

Director: Dante Lam Cast: Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Joyce Feng, Sun Chun, Sean Wu, Chen Baoguo, Johnathan Wu, Ken Lo, Carl Ng, Mandy Wei, Yu Dong, Zhan Liguo, Liu Xianda, Zhao Jian, Shi Zhanjie, Yu Dong Running Time: 124 min. By Paul Bramhall … Continue reading

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Sion Sono’s gore-filled ‘Tag’ hits Blu-ray and DVD in June

On June 20, 2017, FilmRise will be releasing Tag on Blu-ray & DVD. This 2015 film, based Yusuke Yamada’s novel Real Onigokko, is a perceptive, gore-filled exploration of youth and femininity in a nightmarish world. Tag is directed by Sion Sono, the controversial director … Continue reading

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Catch Scott Adkins in ‘American Assassin’ if you can…

On September 15th, Lionsgate will be releasing American Assassin into the theaters. This upcoming action thriller is directed by Michael Cuesta (Kill the Messenger) and based on a series of novels by the late Vince Flynn. The film stars Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) as a special … Continue reading

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Enter our ‘Kung Fu Zombies’ DVD Contest! and Mill Creek Entertainment are giving away 3 DVD copies of Kung Fu Zombies to three lucky City on Fire visitors. To enter, simply add a comment to this post and describe, in your own words, the video below. We will be selecting a winner … Continue reading

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New Trailer has Choi Min-sik hiding secrets in ‘The Mayor’

Well Go USA is set to release The Mayor (aka Special Citizen), a South Korean political thriller directed by Park In-je (Moby Dick), and starring Choi Min-Sik (The Admiral, Lucy). The film hits theaters on April 28th, 2017. In the world of politics, everyone’s hands get dirty, and … Continue reading

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Takeshi Kitano returns for Round 3 in ‘Outrage: Final Chapter’

Takeshi Kitano (Mozu: The Movie) is back for another dose of Yakuza brutality (the first film did for dental offices what Jaws did for the beach) in Outrage: Final Chapter (aka Outrage 3 or Outrage Saishusho), the follow up to Outrage and Beyond Outrage. Once again, Kitano is writing, directing … Continue reading

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Operation Mekong | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

RELEASE DATE: June 6, 2017 Operation Mekong, a new actioner from director Dante Lam (Unbeatable), is exploding on Blu-ray & DVD, courtesy of Well Go USA. Operation Mekong (read our review) stars Lam’s frequent collaborator Eddie Peng (Rise of the Legend), Zhang Han … Continue reading

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New Poster for Stephen Fung’s ‘Once a Thief’ remake

Stephen Fung (Gen-X Cops) is back in the director’s chair in The Adventurers, a reworking of John Woo’s Once a Thief, the 1991 classic about art thieves, previously played by Chow Yun Fat, Cherie Chung and Leslie Cheung. The film releases domestically on August 11th, … Continue reading

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Luke returns in the New Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens (aka Star Wars: Episode VII), the continuation of the original Star Wars trilogy created by George Lucas, was a massive success for Disney, hitting the $2 billion global box office mark. Likewise can be said about Gareth Edwards’ spin-off, Star … Continue reading

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Mission Milano (2016) Review

Director: Wong Jing Producer: Wong Jing Cast: Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Michelle Hu, Shen Teng, Wong Cho-lam, Michelle Hu, Nana Ouyang, Fung Bo Bo, Wu Yue, Xie Yilin, Mao Junjie, Xu Dongdong, Shen Teng, Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei, Ken Lo, … Continue reading

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Deal on Fire! Takashi Miike’s Hara-Kiri | Blu-ray | Only $7.49 – Expires soon!

Today’s Deal on Fire is the Blu-ray for Takashi Miike’s (13 Assassins, Terra Formars) Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai, starring Ebizo Ichikawa (Space Battleship Yamato), Koji Yakusho (The World of Kanako) and Hikari Mitsushima (Love Exposure). Hara-Kiri tells the story of a … Continue reading

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Blood flows in the New Trailer ‘Brotherhood of Blades 2’

Lu Yang is getting ready for more slicin’ and dicin’ in Brotherhood of Blades 2, the follow up to the filmmaker’s 2014 wuxia actioner, Brotherhood of Blades. The sequel will get a theatrical release domestically on August 11th, 2017. In Brotherhood … Continue reading

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‘Ip Man 2’ star joins Sly for ‘Escape Plan 2’; Part 3 in the works

A sequel to Mikael Håfström’s Escape Plan, the 2013 prison/action flick starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, is currently in production. In the follow up, titled Escape Plan 2: Hades, Stallone will reprise his role as security expert Ray Breslin, who uses his skills to … Continue reading

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Incredible Kung Fu Master, The (1979) Review

AKA: The Kung Fu Master Director: Joe Cheung Tung Cho Cast: Stephen Tung Wei, Sammo Hung, Philip Ko, Lee Hoi San, Peter Chan, Chung Fat, Dai Sai Aan, Huang Ha, Cecilia Wong, Meng Hoi, Austin Wai, Billy Chan, Lam Ching Ying, … Continue reading

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Jason Tobin and Byron Mann find danger in ‘Jasmine’

Indican Pictures presents Jasmine, the full length film feature debut of writer/director Dax Phelan. This suspenseful thriller stars Jason Tobin (Pound of Flesh), Byron Mann (The Corruptor), Sarah Lian (XIII: The Series), Eugenia Yuan (Revenge of the Green Dragons) and Glen Chin … Continue reading

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Edgar Wright shows us fast and furious (without a computer)

Edgar Wright, the genius director known for his pleasantly paced, comedic brand of culture-induced films (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) is back with an innovative project that’s being described as an “action crime musical film”. The movie, … Continue reading

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Theron goes ‘John Wick’ in the New ‘Atomic Blonde’ Trailer

David Leitch, co-director of John Wick, is getting ready to ignite Atomic Blonde, an upcoming thriller that can essentially be called “the female version of John Wick”. The movie was previously known as The Coldest City, the title of Antony Johnston’s 2012 graphic novel, from which the film is … Continue reading

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Suddenly in the Dark (1981) Review

AKA: Suddenly in Dark Night Director: Go Yeong-nam Producer: Suh Byung-gi Cast: Kim Young-ae, Yoon Il-bong, Lee Gi-seon Running Time: 100 min. By Paul Bramhall While just like Shiri put Korean action movies on the map in 1999, a year prior the high school … Continue reading

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New U.S. Trailer for the Luc Besson-backed ‘Warrior’s Gate’

Matthias Hoene’s (Cockneys vs Zombies) Enter the Warrior’s Gate (aka Warrior’s Gate), an upcoming French-Chinese co-production written by Luc Besson (Lucy), will be released in Theaters, On Demand, iTunes and Amazon on Friday, May 5, 2017, courtesy of EuropaCorp. The film is currently available exclusively on DirecTV. … Continue reading

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