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Exclusive: Interview with Ryoo Seung-wan

Korean filmmaker Ryoo Seung-wan has carved a memorable path through genre cinema, earning the attention and acclaim of action fans worldwide. Early works, such as the special effects-heavy superhero film Arahan and the Tarantino-esque City of Violence, featured a one-two … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Interview with Gareth Evans had the privilege of interviewing Gareth Evans, the writer and director of 2009’s Merantau, 2011’s The Raid and the highly anticipated The Raid 2: Berandal, which is due for release in 2014. In this Q&A session, we decided to … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Interview with Keith W. Strandberg

In 1985, Hong Kong’s Seasonal Film Corporation, a company that was responsible for making Jackie Chan a star with 1978′s Drunken Master, started producing American productions that blew viewers away; particularly, those who wanted the flavor of world-famous Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Evolution of Collecting Kung Fu & Asian Film

With the infinite amount of websites, eBay, and other online retailers; Asian/kung fu movie fanatics have it really good these days. Especially for the crowd who take advantage of bootlegs, DVD-R swapping and those sneaky forms of file sharing. This … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Interview with Robert Lee

The following interview took place in the Temple Discussion (’s now defunct Bruce Lee site) on 3/15/01 between regular vistitors of the site. All of the questions and answers were compiled by JT. Original chat session has been slightly edited … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Interview with Loren Avedon

If you were in contact with martial arts films in the early 90’s, you probably know Loren Avedon. While Van Damme and Seagal were breaking box office records on the big screens, Loren was nearly breaking every bone in his … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Interview with Bob Wall

Oharra! That’s right. The one, the only: Bob Wall, who has appeared in 2 1/2 films with Bruce Lee. His treachery has disgraced us and always will 🙂 – MPM, April 1999 MPM: I’ve been a Bruce Lee fan since … Continue reading

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Game of Death: Game Over!

I had the chance to interview Joe Kenney (author of the Best-Selling “The American Sound”) at a recent book convention in Dallas, Texas. He was there promoting his soon-to-be-released Bruce Lee book, “Game Over.” The book revolves around Bruce Lee’s … Continue reading

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