New Trailer for Han Yan’s cyber-punk actioner ‘Dream Breaker’

"Dream Breaker" Teaser Poster

“Dream Breaker” Teaser Poster

Is this China’s answer to Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One? Doubtful. Directed by Han Yan (The House That Never Dies), this forthcoming cyber-punk actioner is titled Dream Breaker, and judging from its trailer, one can expect a visual, Blade Runner-ish treat.

According to THR, Dream Breaker stars actress Chen Duling (Namiya) as a young woman who must fight her way through a mysterious, holographic game world designed by her late father to avenge his death. Rising star Song Weilong (Catman) plays the love interest, while the provocative Japanese filmmaker, actor and artist Sion Sono (Tag, Why Don’t You Play in Hell?) executive produces.

Look out for Dream Breaker in 2018. Trailer below:

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