Mike Tyson, Christopher Lambert back for more ‘Kickboxer’?

"Kickboxer: Vengeance" Japanese DVD Cover

“Kickboxer: Vengeance” Japanese DVD Cover

Dimitri Logothetis, director of the recently released Kickboxer: Retaliation, as well as co-director of Kickboxer: Vengeance, has finished writing Kickboxer: Armageddon, the upcoming third entry of the rebooted Kickboxer franchise.

In a recent interview with TMS, Logothetis had this to say: “If you like RetaliationArmageddon will blow your mind. The kind of fight sequences that I have for this are going to take us to a totally different level. I have a oner planned that’s going to top the oner in Retaliation. It’s going to take us to a completely different level and we’re just excited and we’re just looking forward to having a lot of fun doing that.”

Logothetis added that he’s bringing back Mike Tyson (Ip Man 3), soccer star Ronaldinho and Christopher Lambert (The Hunted). Other possible appearances include MMA stars George St. Pierre (who had a role in Kickboxer: Vengeance), Uriah Faber, Cody Garbrandt, rapper Snoop Dog – not to mention, a second soccer star, Neymar. And obviously, Alain Moussi, will be returning as Kurt Sloane. The director doesn’t reveal if series regulars Jean-Claude Van Damme or Sara Malakul Lane will be returning.

Kickboxer: Armageddon starts filming in Las Vegas in March. We’ll keep you updated on the film’s progress as we learn more. In the mean time, look out for Kickboxer: Retaliation, which hits Blu-ray & DVD on March 13, 2018.

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4 Responses to Mike Tyson, Christopher Lambert back for more ‘Kickboxer’?

  1. Ron says:

    Is there a reason why Vam Damme isn’t mentioned as a returning cast member?

  2. Andrew Hernandez says:

    This time, they need to bring in good fight choreographers, and let them take over the action scenes. John Salvitti, Larnel Stoval, JJ Perry, or Tim Man would do wonders for the franchise.

    • Paul Bramhall says:

      That would be a blessing for sure. Like I mentioned in my review for ‘Retaliation’, this series has the talent in front of the camera, it just seems to be lacking a decent choreographer to really bring the magic together. In 2018 we need more than slow motion and money shots, I like to see some actual exchanges taking place.

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