Won Jin kicks martial a$$ in ‘Kwon Bob: Chinatown’

"Kwon Bob: Chinatown" Korean Theatrical Poster

"Kwon Bob: Chinatown" Korean Theatrical Poster

The talented Park Sang-Hyun – who is part of a team responsible choreographing the action in films like Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014) and For the Emperor (2014) – has made his directorial debut in a new Korean martial arts film called Kwon Bob: Chinatown (“Kwon Bob” means “martial arts”).

Kwon Bob: Chinatown stars Seo Joon-yeong (Bleak Night) as a detective who tries to take down a gang of martial arts fighters. The film also stars Ban So-yeong (The Princess’ Man), Won Jin (The Suspect), Oh Seung-yoon (Stalker), Lee Si-yoo (Traffickers) and Seo Beom-sik (Fists of Legend).

Updates: Even though the film opened in Korea on July 9, 2015, an online trailer is yet to be present. There is, however, an exciting fight clip, featuring the great Won Jin (Operation Scorpio aka The Scorpion King).

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4 Responses to Won Jin kicks martial a$$ in ‘Kwon Bob: Chinatown’

  1. Jerry says:

    Why is there still no trailer and the movie is already available?

  2. Jacques Karavasilis says:

    The whole movie is available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJv4eDg4Uio

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