Instant Death | DVD (Sony)

Instant Death | DVD (Sony)

Instant Death | DVD (Sony)

RELEASE DATE: May 2, 2017

On May 2, 2017, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing the DVD for Instant Death, a new ultra-violent revenge flick starring Lou Ferrigno (Pumping Iron).

A retired Special Forces veteran (Ferrigno) who is trying to adjust to normal life leaves his home in New York and visits England in an attempt to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter. During his visit, John witnesses a murder, which leads to a descent of fury and violence that not even the brutality of gangland is prepared for.

Instant Death is directed by multi-talented Ara Paiaya (director, writer, producer, cinematographer, editor, action coordinator and actor), who launched his first “professional” directorial debut with Skin Traffik (not to be confused with Skin Trade).

Although Ferrigno is predominantly known for playing The Hulk in the classic TV series, the legendary ex-bodybuilder is no stranger to film. With a handful of movies under his belt – including 1983’s Hercules and 1994’s Cage II (co-starring with Shannon Lee) – Ferrigno finally returns to headlining his very own action film.

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5 Responses to Instant Death | DVD (Sony)

  1. Andrew Hernandez says:

    He looks good doing martial arts, but I could have done without the tasteless rape sub-plot. That trailer gave way too much away too.

  2. ChrisPowers says:

    Agreed on all counts, but I will buy it anyway. Revenge flicks starring Lou Ferrigno must be encouraged.

  3. Sunny says:

    Fight scenes are good. The movie story line puts reputation of Ferrigno as dan evil dad . At the end looks like a mean SOB who enters the somewhat ok life of his daughter and granddaughter. You will hate his character in the end.

  4. Yuri says:

    Passed the end of my tether with this director a while back. To call him “multi-talented” is laughable. Years of movie making and he’s still in the same place he was with his first efforts. Those early shorts you could excuse, but a decade and a half later and Paiaya still has no idea how to director and edit a coherent movie. He remains nothing more than an enthusiastic amateur who should take time out to put himself through the basics of film school.

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