Lau Ching Wan and Louis Koo return to crime for ‘Drug Warn’

"Drug Warn" Chinese Theatrical Poster

“Drug Warn” Chinese Theatrical Poster

Famed Hong Kong star Lau Ching Wan (Call of Heroes) looks to be getting back to the gritty, grimy world of gangsterism in Drug Warn (previously known as The Fixer), an upcoming film from director Lawrence Lau (My Name is Fame).

AFS describes the Drug Warn as a true-crime drama about a Hong Kong gangster gone good. We cannot help but think of Lau’s Too Many Ways to Be Number One, or any of his other Milkyway titles made in the era were Lau was at his best.

Drug Warn also stars Louis Koo (League of Gods), Max Zhang (Ip Man 3), Jiang Yiyan (Sword Master), Gordon Lam (Trivisa) and Patrick Tam (As the Light Goes Out).

Updates: Watch the film’s Latest Trailer below:

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