Korean MMA flick ‘Fist of Legend’ is coming to North America

"Fist of Legend" Korean Theatrical Poster

Mixed-Martial Arts may be relatively new to the world of professional sports, but it’s already proved to be a fertile inspiration for filmmakers: from the Rocky-like underdog story of The Warrior with Tom Hardy to Michael Jai White’s fan favorite directorial debut Never Back Down 2. Now the South Korean film industry is getting in on the action with a new feature from Kang Woo-suk, the director of the popular Public Enemy films.

The movie is called Fist of Legend, a title that is burdened with a little bit of history seeing as how 1994’s Fist of Legend is arguably Jet Li’s most popular film. But we’re assured that the title is merely coincidence. Regardless, don’t miss the teaser trailer for this Korean Fist of Legend, which promises plenty of fights in the ring as well as City of Violence-esque street gang clashes. Fist of Legend arrives in Korean theaters on April 10th, 2013.  Thanks to Twitch for the story.

Update: Here’s the latest theatrical poster, courtesy of Beyond Hollywood. | Check out the latest poster and a new trailer for the film. Thanks to Beyond Hollywood.

BREAKING NEWS: CJ Entertainment delivers a knockout punch! The company has announced a limited theatrical release for Fist of Legend in North America. The film opens in select cities on April 12th, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Seattle. Here’s the North American trailer.

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