King Hu’s ‘Legend of the Mountain’ to peak with a 4K release

"Legend of the Mountain" Chinese Theatrical Poster

“Legend of the Mountain” Chinese Theatrical Poster

Kino Lorber is teaming up with UK distributor Eureka Entertainment to release a 4K digitally restored, 3-hour director’s cut of King Hu’s 1979 classic film Legend of the Mountain.

The plan is for both companies to screen the classic at festivals/limited engagements, followed by a Blu-ray & DVD release in 2018.

Legend of the Mountain stars Sylvia Chang (Slaughter in San Fransisco), Hsu Feng (A Touch of Zen), Tien Feng (Monk’s Fight), Ng Ming Tsui (Fist of Fury), Tung Lam (The Delinquent) and Shih Chun (Dragon Gate Inn).

A Trailer is currently unavailable online – instead, we offer you the Trailer for A Touch of Zen:

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2 Responses to King Hu’s ‘Legend of the Mountain’ to peak with a 4K release

  1. Paul Bramhall says:

    I have both of Eureka’s previous King Hu releases, so definitely count me in for this one…great news!

  2. Z Ravas says:

    I caught “A Touch of Zen” on the big screen (well, it was a tiny theater) when they were briefly screening it in the US last year, and the restored print looked marvelous. I think my favorite King Hu is always going to be “Come Drink With Me,” but I’m eager to see more of his work.

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