Kill and Kill Again | Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

Kill and Kill Again | Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

Kill and Kill Again | Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

RELEASE DATE: October 3, 2017

On October 3, 2017, Scorpion Releasing is delivering the Blu-ray for 1981’s Kill and Kill Again, the follow up to 1976’s Kill or Be Killed. The film is directed by the late South African cult favorite, Ivan Hall (Funeral for an Assassin).

James Ryan is back as Steve Chase, four-time World Martial Arts Champion. Chase is hired to save Nobel Prize winning chemist, Dr. Horatio Kane, from the hands of a demented billionaire named Marduk and his martial arts army. Steve enlists the aid of four martial arts experts, and is accompanied by Dr. Kane’s daughter, Kandy (Anneline Kriel). En route to Marduk’s stronghold, they are ambushed, but finally make it to the fortress, only to be put in an arena to fight for their lives.

Kill and Kill Again also stars Ken Gampu (American Ninja 4: The Annihilation), Norman Robinson (Kill or Be Killed) and Stan Schmidt (Kill or Be Killed).

The film is notable for being the first live-action feature to use visual effects known as “bullet-time,” a term that would later be popularized in The Matrix franchise.

Special Features:

  • New Remaster from the original interpositive
  • Audio interview with star James Ryan
  • On-camera interview with writer John Crowther
  • Isolated music track from the original 3 track Mag sound
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

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2 Responses to Kill and Kill Again | Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

  1. The DrunkenRabbit says:

    So the question now is… were is Kill or Be Killed? Still, cant wait for this one.

  2. Mr Mixalot says:

    I remember watching this when I was 9

    Man I want to watch it again.. and be 9 as well 🙂

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