KG: Karate Girl | Blu-ray (Tokyo Shock)

KG: Karate Girl | Blu-ray (Tokyo Shock)

KG: Karate Girl | Blu-ray (Tokyo Shock)

RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2017

No CG! No Wires! No stuntman! Tokyo Shock presents the Blu-ray for Karate Girl, starring Rina Takeda (High Kick Girl!), as well as a cast that consists entirely of top-notch Japan and World Champions!

A shy, hard-working high-school girl, Ayaka (Takeda) holds a dark family secret. She is a karate master and must keep her family s martial arts legacy secret to protect her precious family treasure, the Black Belt. When she accidently exposes her extraordinary fighting skills in public, the ruthless karate gang that murdered her family and abducted her sister discovers her true identity. Now a fateful battle becomes inevitable as the gang and her estranged sister plot a showdown to fight and defeat Ayaka for possession of the highly coveted Black Belt!

Special Features:

  • Movie Highlights
  • Original Trailer
  • Ready, Steady, Go! Promo Video

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2 Responses to KG: Karate Girl | Blu-ray (Tokyo Shock)

  1. HKFanatic says:

    I really want this to be good but I tried watching “High Kick Girl” when it was briefly on Instant and…I don’t know, Takeda definitely has the martial arts skill but she needs to focus more on her filmmaking. The trailer for “Karate Girl” features some of the same problems I had with her first movie: really poor lighting and a ‘rehearsed’ feeling to the fight scenes. It seems like the ‘bad guys’ just stand there and wait for her to jump up in the air and kick them in the face. Takeda needs to take some time off and study Jackie Chan’s best fight scenes like they’re her religion…then come back and make a kick-ass action movie.

    • Paul Bramhall says:

      No need to wait to see if it’s any good dude, this movie is already 6 years old! This came out back when I was still living in Japan, so I actually got to check it out on the big screen. Hina Tobimatsu, who was just 15 at the time it was made, steals the show from Takeda, who does surprisingly little throughout the movie (as does Tatsuya Naka, who’s seen only in flashback). Much like Tak Sakaguchi, the likes of Takeda, Naka, and Tobimatsu are stuck working in a country which has little to no use for action cinema, so have had very few avenues to follow as fledging Japanese actions stars. Takeda has now taken mostly to TV roles (very little of which show off her skills), but until Japan learns to stop making movies either aimed at housewives or TV spin-offs, I doubt anything will change anytime soon.

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