Jon Truei brings Tokusatsu back with ‘Secondary Education’

"Secondary Education" Movie Poster

"Secondary Education" Movie Poster

Justin Lin’s (Fast & Furious) YOMYOMF Network recently premiered Jon Truei’s science-themed, 90s Tokusatsu throwback short film called Secondary Education. And now, cityonfire is spreading the word about this crafty short film to our readers.

Secondary Education is essentially about three high school kids who find out during after school detention that their Chemistry teacher has been hiding a double secret life as a crime fighting Super Sentai Hero. They have to help him battle an escaped mutant lobster using principles from a Chemistry test that they failed, and in the process learn the value of science.

The comedic dialogue is fast-paced, the direction is tight and if you’re familiar with Kamen Rider, Ultraman or Super Sentai (better known to most as the Power Rangers), you’ll definitely appreciate the homage. Watch the 11-minute short now! If you want to see Secondary Education on a bigger screen, be sure to catch it at the Urban Action Showcase in November.

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