Joe Lewis’ ‘Force: Five’ forces its way onto Blu-ray!

Force: Five | Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

Force: Five | Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

Scorpion Releasing has just announced the Blu-ray release for 1981’s Force: Five, a martial arts cult classic directed by Robert Clouse (Enter the DragonThe Big Brawl).

In the film, a martial arts expert (Joe Lewis) leads a team of fighters to rescue a senator’s daughter from an island ruled by the evil leader (Bong Soo Han) of a fanatical religious cult.

Force: Five also stars Richard Norton (Mission Terminate), Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (Wheels on Meals), Mel Novak (Game of Death) and Sonny Barnes (Gymkata).

A release date is still pending, but check back with us for further details. For now, enjoy the film’s original trailer.

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