JCVD teases sequels to ‘Lionheart’, ‘The Quest’ and more…

"Lionheart 2" Teaser Poster

“Lionheart 2” Teaser Poster

Amazon may be axing Jean-Claude Van Johnson, but this hasn’t stopped Jean-Claude Van Damme (Kill ’em All, Kickboxer: Retaliation) from looking forward to an action-packed future that may bring some exciting new projects to the table.

In a recent post on FB, Van Damme said the following: I’m very happy to release my schedule for all my upcoming projects of 2018-2020 with Rodin Entertainment Ltd. The release schedule featured preliminary posters for sequels to some very familiar titles from his heyday, such as Lionheart 2 (does this mean Etchie Stroh’s remake is off?) and The Quest 2.

Other new posters included titles that have been brewing for years, like The Tower and the completed, but still unreleased, Full Love (aka Eagle Path). There are also posters for entirely new titles such as Van Damned and a TV show simply called JCVD TV – not to mention fresh posters for The Bouncer and We Die Youngwhich are the only two films that have gained some momentum.

We’re crossing our fingers for these projects to see the light of day (especially Lionheart 2 and The Quest 2), but at the same time, we’re not holding our breath (The Monk? Karate?…anyone?). One thing’s for sure: Van Damme has definitely been keeping his graphic designer busy.

Whatever the outcome, we still have Black Water to look forward to later this year.

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4 Responses to JCVD teases sequels to ‘Lionheart’, ‘The Quest’ and more…

  1. Andrew Hernandez says:

    One would think those sequels would be too similar.

    I would like to see The Quest improved upon. That movie was like a B picture disguised as an A film, and had a lot of inconsistencies.

  2. Z Ravas says:

    I’m not holding my breath for any of these films to start production, let alone see release, but – at this stage in his career, I suppose it makes sense for JCVD to reach into his back catalog for the more recognizable and fan favorite titles and focus on making sequels to those.

    How about Death Warrant 2: Return of the Sandman?

  3. Paul Bramhall says:

    Wake me up when ‘Knock Off 2’ gets announced.

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