Jason Tobin and Byron Mann find danger in ‘Jasmine’

"Jasmine" Theatrical Poster

“Jasmine” Theatrical Poster

Indican Pictures presents Jasmine, the full length film feature debut of writer/director Dax Phelan. This suspenseful thriller stars Jason Tobin (Pound of Flesh), Byron Mann (The Corruptor), Sarah Lian (XIII: The Series), Eugenia Yuan (Revenge of the Green Dragons) and Glen Chin (Knock-Off, Natural Born Killers).

Jasmine stars Tobin as successful Hong Kong businessman. One year after his wife’s murder, he becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger he thinks killed his wife. Now he travels the world trying to find this stranger, and people keep dying everywhere he goes.

Jasmine hits theaters on May 12. Until then, don’t miss the film’s New Trailer below:

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One Response to Jason Tobin and Byron Mann find danger in ‘Jasmine’

  1. Mike Leeder says:

    Wow, thats really not the right way to market that movie with that poster and trailer….sells a totally different movie to the one it is… the reality is its a very Cassavettes styled dramatic thriller, which sees Jason Tobin ( Better Luck Tomorrow, Tokyo Drift) giving one hell of a performance

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