Linda Hamilton returning for Cameron’s new ‘Terminator’

"Terminator" Japanese Theatrical Poster

“Terminator” Japanese Theatrical Poster

Despite backlash and lukewarm domestic box office returns, 2015’s Terminator Genisys performed well in international markets. In fact, here’s a tidbit you probably weren’t aware of: Terminator Genisys is the second-highest grossing film of the entire franchise (behind only T2: Judgment Day) on a global scale.

With that said, the following news from last January (via Deadline) shouldn’t have come as a surprise: “James Cameron, who regains certain rights to his prized creation The Terminator in 2019, is godfathering a new iteration of the film that might finally get it right in drawing a close in the battle between humans and Skynet. Sources said that Cameron, whose copyright reversion happens 35 years after the release of the 1984 classic, is teaming up with Deadpool director and VFX wiz Tim Miller to direct a reboot and conclusion of one of cinema’s great science fiction tales.”

And Cameron isn’t the only one who is back… on May 20, 2017, it was announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning for the new Terminator film. “It is back,” commented Schwarzenegger, who revealed that he had met Cameron recently and discussed the project. “It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise,” the actor added, “I will be in the movie.” (via SD)

We’re not sure what “reboot and conclusion” means, but our guess is the Cameron/Miller Terminator film will most-likely take place after T2 and will ignore the rest of them.

Updates: THR reports that Linda Hamilton is returning to the world of Terminator, reuniting with Schwarzenegger and Cameron, the creator of the sci-fi franchise, for the new installment being made by Skydance and Paramount.

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2 Responses to Linda Hamilton returning for Cameron’s new ‘Terminator’

  1. Paul Bramhall says:

    Interesting, considering ‘Genisys’ essentially already re-booted the series, completely invaliding most of what happens in the sequels prior.

  2. Zu Warrior says:

    James Cameron getting the rights back in 2019.

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