Jackie Chan to return to the ‘Armour of God’ series with ‘Chinese Zodiac 2’

"CZ12" Chinese Theatrical Poster

"CZ12" Chinese Theatrical Poster

While promoting Police Story 2013 in Singapore last year, Jackie Chan mentioned the possibility of a sequel to 2012’s Chinese Zodiac (aka CZ12), which would technically mean the 4th chapter of the Armour of God series.

Update: Asian Hawk fans, rejoice! Looks like Chinese Zodiac 2 (aka Armour of God 4) is becoming a reality. Here’s some news according to a recent Variety article: “On completion of Dragon Blade, Chan will next shoot English-language actioner Skiptrace before taking the lead role in Chinese Zodiac II, a sequel to the Chan-directed and starring comedy action hit of December 2012.”

There is no word of any additional cast members, or if Chan will be directing Chinese Zodiac 2 himself (all previous Armour of God films were directed by Chan). Obviously, it’s way too early for details, but we’ll keep you in the loop as we hear more news.

In addition to Chinese Zodiac II, there are a number of rumored and in-development Chan projects in the works, including Rush Hour 4, Karate Kid 2, Wolf Flag, Manhattan and even a “silent movie” with Zhang Yimou.

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One Response to Jackie Chan to return to the ‘Armour of God’ series with ‘Chinese Zodiac 2’

  1. Dan says:

    More Jackie makes me happy but it makes me wonder how involved he will be seeing as he said CZ12 was his last big action flick.

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