Jackie Chan’s ‘Civilian’ is ‘Die Hard in a weapons convention’

"Mr. Nice Guy" Chinese Theatrical Poster

"Mr. Nice Guy" Chinese Theatrical Poster

Jackie Chan (Armour of God III: CZ12) has added an English-language thriller titled Civilian, to his to-do list. The film’s producer, Basil Iwanyk (John Wick), describes it as “Die Hard in a weapons convention.”

According to Variety, Civilian “follows a salesman who finds himself in the middle of a terror attack at an arms convention.” Chances are, the film will be a light-hearted action flick, considering it’s being helmed by Peter Segal (Get Smart, Grudge Match), a director known for his family-friendly output.

Updates: The film appears to be on hold at the moment, due to Jackie Chan’s obligations to SkiptraceKung Fu Yoga and Railroad Tigers.

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