The Man with the Iron Fists 2: The Sting of the Scorpion | Blu-ray & DVD (Universal)

The Man with the Iron Fists 2 | Blu-ray & DVD (Universal)

The Man with the Iron Fists 2 | Blu-ray & DVD (Universal)

RELEASE DATE: April 14, 2015

Universal Presents the Blu-ray & DVD for Man with the Iron Fists 2: The Sting of the Scorpion, directed by Roel Reine (Death Race 2).

When Thaddeus (RZA) is found wounded near the village, miner Kung (Dustin Nguyen) and his wife Ni (Eugenia Kang) offer him refuge. As he heals, he becomes entrenched in a conflict that pits the townsfolk against the evil Ho (Carl Ng), his nefarious Clan and the terrifying Lord Pi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa). With Thaddeus at his side, the mild-mannered Kung transforms into a deadly warrior! Watch the trailer.

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8 Responses to The Man with the Iron Fists 2: The Sting of the Scorpion | Blu-ray & DVD (Universal)

  1. STDZ says:

    Come on guys this was one of the worst things I have ever seen that has attempted to be a Shaw Brother movie. RZA can’t act worth a crap, and the film had no impressive choreography or anything. It was unbearable, and it is really sad that this bastardization will continue with a sequel.

  2. Nick says:

    I’ll take a sequel, only if RZA directs. No acting please. His performance was shameful enough.

  3. Chad Harry says:

    I enjoyed parts of The Man With the Iron Fists. Yes RZA’s acting was bad as well as the CGI that was used. Being a Tarantino produced film, I expected a more natural look or at least no CGI. The parts I did like won me over more than the bad. The fight scene with the Geminis was nice. Yet sadly so many scenes had me asking “Where are the Martial Arts?”. For a Shaw Bros. inspired film it looked the part but failed in what mattered most. I would love to see a directors cut though. Maybe the fight scenes would not so be choppy and the more ramatic moments would feel more fleshed out. When you have a Martial Arts movie and the best thing you can say about it is how much you enjoyed the scenes with Russel Crowe. Your already in trouble.

  4. mark says:

    It was a good attempt at re making a Shaw brother movie

  5. JJ Hatfield says:

    All good comments. I’m not sure about a sequel but if it happens keep RZA off camera.

    HKFanatic wrote “…the general consensus is that the movie did not live up to its potential”

    Well, that’s one way of putting it, lol

  6. William Fluker says:

    I’ll check this out when it comes out I thought the first one was okay

  7. grimace says:

    I absolutely LOVED MwtIF #1……#2 should be excellent as well…. How could any ‘Kill Bill’ lover not love this movie? However, The Raid 3 would intrigue me more! 🙂

  8. dedpool says:

    Should’ve recast Thaddeus with Michael Jai White! But 8 will still watch.

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