A new trailer for Jackie Chan’s ‘Police Story 2013′

"Police Story 2013" Chinese Theatrical Poster

"Police Story 2013" Chinese Theatrical Poster

THE MOVIE: Directed by Ding Sheng (Little Big Soldier), Police Story 2013 follows the relationship between Jackie and his daughter; from the sounds of it, a gang kidnaps Jackie’s daughter and holds her at a club, where Jackie and his police force must rescue her. The film co-stars Liu Ye,Huang Bo, Jing Tian, Zhang Lanxin, Wang Zhifei, Zhang Xiaoning, Guli Nazha and Aaron Aziz.

Police Story remains arguably the most popular series of films that Jackie Chan has ever done, with the 1985 original solidifying Jackie’s status as an international action icon. Jackie would return to the series intermittently over the years, adding bigger and more dangerous stunts with each entry.

The last installment in the series was 2005’s New Police Story, which may not have achieved the acclaim of past movies but was undoubtedly a damn fine Jackie Chan flick.

Update: Twitch Film unveiled this promotional poster for the film, which is reportedly just Jackie Chan’s head photoshopped onto Jason Statham’s body from The Mechanic. As such, it’s not yet known if this is an official poster or merely a fan job. | Kung Fu Magazine interviewed Jack Tu, who won a Chinese reality TV contest and became Jackie Chan’s ‘disciple’ for a year. Based on the interview, it looks like Police Story 2013 will be set entirely within Mainland China and put an emphasis on the Chinese police force (most of the extras in the movie are real police officers and firefighters).

Police Story 2013 has officially screened for the public at the Beijing International Film Festival. Word from the director himself indicates that the film is related to the first five Police Story movies in name only. | Official poster. | New theatrical poster for the film. | Looks like Police Story 2013 will hit theaters in China this December 24th, 2013. | First trailer. | Second trailer! | New poster. | Third trailer. | IMAX 3D poster and promotional spot. | Jackie Chan’s new music video for Police Story 2013. | Here’s the new IMAX trailer. | Watch the latest IMAX trailer.

BREAKING NEWS: Here is yet another trailer, this time called the Director’s Edition! Thanks to M.M.A.C. for the heads-up.

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10 Responses to A new trailer for Jackie Chan’s ‘Police Story 2013′

  1. This is great news. What makes it so awesome is who he’s collaborating with. I thought Little Big Soldier was a GREAT movie.

  2. ActionKungFuJackson says:

    First Jackie says Chinese Zodiac will be his last action fighting movie. How can you have a police story movie with no action and martial arts? That would suck and not be a Police Story movie. I hope Jackie thinks before he speaks before he makes uproars on the internet with his own rumors.

    • Tien Kwon says:

      Thumbs up for your comment.

      There is an old folks saying… “The engine is running, but there is no one behind the wheels.” LOL So Jackie announced his retirement from action films, but now he’s like… screw that, I want to do Expendables 3 with Sylvester Stallone, Police Story 2013 with Ding Sheng, and Rush Hour 4 with my old friend Chris Tucker while I’m still breathing.

      • Whatever the case, I’m glad JC changed his mind? I’m more concerned for a good movie. Judging from reviews and word of mouth, Zodiac isn’t all that great. We’ll see. I’m always down for another Police Story flick.

  3. 1234 says:

    Production starts in November with 2013 release. READ the reports properly people!!

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  5. Ningen says:

    Seems to be aiming for a edgier tone for this outing than the usual Police Story films.

  6. Ningen says:

    They should just be honest and call it a sequel to Crime Story. But I guess that film wasn’t as popular when it came out.

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