New Poster for Ding Sheng’s ‘A Better Tomorrow 4’

"A Better Tomorrow 4" Teaser Poster

“A Better Tomorrow 4” Teaser Poster

If Song Hae-Seong’s 2010 Korean remake of A Better Tomorrow didn’t quite do it for you, then get ready for a couple more variations of John Woo’s 1986 seminal gangster classic. That’s right, a couple of ’em.

Two A Better Tomorrow remakes are in the works: One with Stephen Fung (who is also working on a Once a Thief remake) directing; the other with Ding Sheng (Little Big Soldier) directing.

Sheng’s movie, which is currently filming, stars Darren Wang (Railroad Tigers), Ma Tianyu (Surprise) and Wang Kai (Railroad Tigers), who will be playing Mark “Gor” Lee (the character made famous by Chow Yun-fat in the original).

According to Variety, Sheng’s film traces the journey of a former smuggler who attempts to start his life anew after his release from prison and repair his relationship with his estranged brother. But that is not counting on gangland betrayal, a botched drug deal and a devastating family tragedy.

Updates: Check out a New Poster (previous Teaser Poster), as well as photos of Darren Wang, Ma Tianyu and Wang Kai from A Better Tomorrow 4 below (via AFS):


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