Iron Fist Frenzy | DVD (Mill Creek)

Iron Fist Frenzy | DVD (Mill Creek)

Iron Fist Frenzy | DVD (Mill Creek)

RELEASE DATE: June 10, 2014

Mill Creek Entertainment presents the 13-disc DVD set for Iron Fist Frenzy. This collection includes 50 movies. Prepare to unleash a fury of immortal martial arts masters with this 50 movie set of kung-fu classics! This thrilling collection of jaw-droppin flicks brings together a colossal assortment of martial arts genre films from the 70s, 80s and 90s. From the ultimate Shaolin masters to the legends of kung-fu, theses hard to find cult classics are sure to delight, with 50 times the high-kickin humor and adrenaline pumpin action! Note: See the comment section below for the included titles!

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One Response to Iron Fist Frenzy | DVD (Mill Creek)

  1. Big Boss 2 (1978)
    Blind Warrior (1987)
    Bravest Fist (1974)
    Bruce: King of Kung Fu (1982)
    Bruce vs. Iron Hand (1979)
    The Cavalier (1978)
    The Challenger (1980)
    Crane Fighter (1979)
    Crazy Couple (1979)
    Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey (1982)
    Drunken Tai Chi (1984)
    Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1977)
    Enter the Game of Death (1978)
    18 Fatal Strikes (1978)
    18 Shaolin Riders (1980)
    Fist From Shaolin (1993)
    5 Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes (1977)
    Five Pattern Dragon Claws (1983)
    Great Hunter (1975)
    Heroes Tears (1979)
    Kingfisher the Killer (1981)
    Kung Fu Genius (1980)
    Kung Fu Warrior (1980)
    The Magnificent (1979)
    Mantis Under Falcon’s Claws (1983)
    Marvelous Stunts of Kung Fu (1979)
    Mighty 4 (1980)
    Mission for the Dragon (1981)
    Nine Deaths of the Ninja (1985)
    Ninja Avenger (1982)
    Ninja Fists Of Fire (1974)
    Phantom Kung Fu (1979)
    Rage of Wind (1973)
    Rebel Of Shaolin (1977)
    Return of the Red Tiger (1978)
    Ring of Death (1980)
    Scorpion (1986)
    7 Steps Of Kung Fu (1979)
    Shaolin Brothers (1977)
    Shaolin Death Squad (1977)
    Shaolin Invincible Guys (1978)
    Shaolin Kung Fu (1974)
    Shaolin Super Dragon (1982)
    Showdown at the Equator (1978)
    Stranger from Shaolin (1981)
    Tai Chi Shadow Boxing (1979)
    Tiger At The Top (1975)
    Triple Impact (1992)
    Woman Avenger (1980)
    Wu Tang Magic Kick (1977)

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