New Trailer for Chapman To’s artsy Karate film ‘Empty Hands’

"The Empty Hands" Teaser Poster

“The Empty Hands” Teaser Poster

Hong Kong actor Chapman To (Infernal AffairsMen Suddenly in Black) is the director of The Empty Hands (previously known as simply Karate), an upcoming martial arts-themed film that will be led by singer turned actress, Stephy Tang (Let’s Go).

According to SD, the film tells the story of a young girl whose only wish is to sell her father’s karate dojo when he dies, but discovers that 51% of the business was left to one of his worst pupils.

The Empty Hands also stars Yasuaki Kurata (Four Riders) and Stephen Au Kam-tong (Z Storm, Trivisa), a black belt in full contact karate, who is also training Tang for her physically demanding role.

Judging from the film’s newly released Trailer (below), The Empty Hands appears to be more of an arthouse drama, which is an unexpected surprise, coming from the mostly-comedic To, who made his directorial debut feature with the light-hearted Let’s Eat!

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