Herman Yau delivers more blood with ‘Always Be with You’

"Always Be with You" Chinese Teaser Poster

“Always Be with You” Chinese Teaser Poster

Considering that he’s gone all respectable with historical action pictures like The Legend is Born: Ip Man and The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake – not to mention edge-of-your-seat blockbusters like Shock Wave – it’s easy to forget that director Herman Yau (Taxi Hunter) got his start in the grimy, nasty world of Category III.

Movies like The Untold Story and Ebola Syndrome made Yau famous and now the filmmaker is once again returning to familiar territory (don’t miss our review for his recent Category III film, The Sleep Curse), with Always Be with You, an upcoming thriller with an all-star cast that includes Louis Koo (Three) and Charlene Choi (New Police Story).

We’re sure that in Yau’s capable hands, Always Be with You will deliver plenty of thrills, chills, gore and bad taste. Check out the film’s Trailer below and see for yourself.

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