‘Headshot’ star Sunny Pang shines bright in ‘Diamond Dogs’

"Headshot" Japanese Theatrical Poster

“Headshot” Japanese Theatrical Poster

Gavin Lim, director of the acclaimed-short film Subtitle, is getting ready to unleash his full feature debut with Diamond Dogs, a martial arts thriller starring Headshot star, Sunny Pang.

A stage three cancer diagnosis leaves deaf and mute Johnny with little to lose when he is lured into a deadly underground social experiment. Funded by the uber rich, it pits fighters against one another in a test of animalistic aggression and adrenaline. Johnny’s fight to the top is brutal, fueled by the sole desire to exact revenge on the man who caged him in (via FCS).

Diamond Dogs will be making its debut at the Singapore International Film Festival later this month. Until then, check out the film’s Trailer below, which is reminiscent of Jet Li’s Unleashed/Danny the Dog:

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