Dragon Lives Again, The | aka Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (1976) Review

"The Dragon Lives Again" US Theatrical Poster

"The Dragon Lives Again" US Theatrical Poster

Director: Lo Ke
Writer: Ke Shek, Leung Wai
Producer: Alex Gouw, H. Gozali
Cast: Bruce Leong (aka Hsaio Liang or Siu-Lung Leung), Eric Tsang, Simon Yuen Siu Ting, Alexander Grand, Jenny, Sraina Sai, Chang Li
Running Time: 90 min.

By Mighty Peking Man

“Dragon Lives Again” (not to be confused — or related to — the superior Bruce Li film, “The Dragon Lives”) is fantasy-comedy flick that takes place after Bruce Lee’s passing in 1973. The film starts with “Bruce” (Bruce Leong) rising from his death and waking up in a mysterious after-life universe where people like James Bond, The Godfather, The Blind Swordsman, The One Armed Swordsman, Clint Eastwood, Dracula, Emmanuelle, Zombies, Mummies and Popeye roam the streets. Bruce takes on most of these guys (sometimes, in his Kato outfit).

Obviously, Al Pacino, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood (and so fourth) are not in the film; Instead, we get 3rd rate talent who barely resemble the pop culture icons.

Sounds pretty cool in a bizarre sort of way, right? Well, at first it is, but the novelty wears off quick.
Either I’m getting too old for this shit or “Dragon Lives Again” is just an unwatchable film. Keep in mind that I’m a rabid Bruceploitation fan and the wackier the film, the better; But damn, I just can’t recommend this one. Not even for shits and giggles. Not even to potheads or drunks.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you decide to ignore me and seek the film out, here’s the plus side: The fights are decent. It has an early appearance by Eric Tsang, who plays Popeye. There’s also nudity, sex scenes and dirty jokes.

Mighty Peking Man’s Rating: 3/10

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