Donnie Yen to do a ‘Wesley’ film (and it’s not ‘Passenger 57′)

"Flash Point" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"Flash Point" Japanese Theatrical Poster

Donnie Yen (Ip Man 3Kung Fu Jungle, Flash Point) and producer Raymond Wong have announced that their next project in the line is the Indiana Jones-esque film, Wesley (via AFS).

Wesley (or Wisely) will be based on the fictional character of the same name created by legendary Chinese novelist/screenwriter Ni Kuang. Wesley’s adventures have been covered in many novels, comic books and movies, including 1986’s The Seventh Curse with Chow Yun Fat and 1987’s The Legend of the Wisley with Sam Hui.

Despite Yen’s The Noodle Man (his first would-be Hollywood starring role) being put on the back burner, fans of Yen still have his high-profile appearances to look forward to in the upcoming xXx 3 and Star War: Rogue One.

As far as Yen’s long list of off again/on again projects – which include The Master, Dragon City, a possible Ip Man 4/Flash Point 2 and of course, Ice Man 2let’s just say, we’ll keep you updated!

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