Donnie Yen to deliver MMA in Kam Kar-wai’s ‘Big Brother’?

"Big Brother" Teaser Poster

“Big Brother” Teaser Poster

If you’ve been following your social media accounts, you’ve probably come across photos of Donnie Yen back on set for a mysterious, untitled movie that’s currently in production – but if you look closely – the title of the film is right before your eyes. Hint: It’s not Enter the Fat Dragon and it’s not Ip Man 4.

The name of the film is Big Brother, an upcoming MMA-themed actioner directed by Kam Kar-wai whose Color of the Game recently opened in theaters.

Very little is known about Big Brother, but from what we’re able to gather, the movie features MMA fighters, stuntmen and other players in the action film genre, including Jess Liaudin (Night Fare), Brahim Acchabkhe (Boyka: Undisputed IV), Craig Miller (The Brothers Grimsby), Tom Caserto (My War), Semiquaver Iafeta (Unbeatable), Lockhart Ogilvie (Level Up) and industry figure, Mike Leeder (Ultimate Justice).

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Until then, here’s a look at what director Kam Kar-wai is capable of in the Trailer for Color of the Game:

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2 Responses to Donnie Yen to deliver MMA in Kam Kar-wai’s ‘Big Brother’?

  1. AFS says:

    He’s playing a high school teacher in the film. I thought it was more of an inspirational drama, but with all the fighting talent involved, I’m starting to think it might be a Here Comes the Boom remake ^^.

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