Donnie Yen to battle Triads in ‘Sleeping Dogs’ film adaptation

"Flash Point" Chinese Theatrical Poster

“Flash Point” Chinese Theatrical Poster

Considering Donnie Yen’s (Flash Point, Kung Fu Jungle) involvement in two high-profile Hollywood projects (xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Star Wars: Rogue One), it was inevitable that he would sooner, rather than later, headline his own Hollywood film.

News outlets are reporting that the Hong Kong megastar will be starring in a film adaptation of Square Enix’s hit video game Sleeping Dogs, which is being produced by Neal Moritz (Fast and Furious franchise).

According to Deadline: Sleeping Dogs follows an undercover police officer (Yen) on a mission to take down one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the notorious Triads. The movie based on an action video game is set in Hong Kong and focuses on martial arts fighting, racing, boat chases… and shooting while doing all of that.

Sleeping Dogs is a lot more synonymous with Yen’s Hong Kong-style of filming than what’s described in its plot. Asian film expert/producer Mike Leeder (Pound of Flesh, Tracer) was responsible for voice casting Sleeping Dogs when the game was known as its preliminary title True Crime: Hong Kong. Leeder also produced/coordinated the game’s live-action trailer (posted below) with late actor/martial artist Darren Shahlavi (Kickboxer: Vengeance, Ip Man 2), who choreographed the action.

We’re hoping the film doesn’t become vaporware (i.e. Noodle Man), but considering Yen’s current state of global popularity – as well as a solid video game source – Sleeping Dogs is most likely a top priority for producers. Until then, Donnie Yen’s Hong Kong latest actioner, Chasing the Dragon, will be released later this year by Well Go USA.

Check out the live-action Sleeping Dogs video game Trailer from 2012 below:

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3 Responses to Donnie Yen to battle Triads in ‘Sleeping Dogs’ film adaptation

  1. TheSmashingTesticles says:

    That’s great and all, but we already have a Sleeping Dogs movie with Donnie Yen. Its called Special ID, lol!

    • Paul Bramhall says:

      ‘Special ID’ isn’t a movie, it’s a steaming pile of trash. I’d rather have my testicles smashed then have the displeasure of ever having to watch it again.

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