New clip from the all-star martial arts film ‘Death Fighter’

Death Fighter | DVD (Sony Home Entertainment)

Death Fighter | DVD (Sony Home Entertainment)

The DVD for Death Fighter is finally available from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment! Previously known as White Tiger, this all-star martial arts actioner stars Matt Mullins (Mortal Kombat: Legacy), Cynthia Rothrock (Yes, Madam), Don “The Dragon” Wilson (Martial Arts Kid) and the late Joe Lewis (Force: Five).

When an American cop (Mullins) witnesses his mentor’s (Lewis) murder in a trade deal gone wrong, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Thailand. But despite the bounty on his deal and pressure to leave the country, he teams up with an ex-military mercenary (Wilson) out to settle a score of this own to bring the killers to justice. Their quest for vengeance brings them face-to-face with a band of notorious criminals (Rothrock) who vow to take them down if the jungle’s natural elements don’t kill them first.

Filmed over 3 years ago, Death Fighter is directed by Toby Russell (Death by Misadventure), a name closely associated with low budget martial arts and Hong Kong film – at least to die hard enthusiasts. The film also features fight choreography by Kazu Patrick Tang (Rocky HandsomeBKO: Bangkok Knockout). With this said, fans should expect off the wall, Hong Kong-style action.

Check out an exclusive clipsfrom the movie, featuring Mullins and Wilson:

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7 Responses to New clip from the all-star martial arts film ‘Death Fighter’

  1. American Ninja Man says:

    See, now this I’d pledge money for. Although I want to make clear that age is no excuse for shoddy fight sequences. I saw Universal Soldier Regeneration and Day Of Reckoning and both Jean-Claude and Dolph looked absolutely fantastic and easily held their own against younger guys… given that these guys (and gal) are even more experienced in martial artists means that this “I’m 59 so I’ve slowed down…” isn’t going to fly as an excuse. Hell, Bronson was sending people into grinders at 72 in Death Wish 5, Stallone made Rambo (IV) at 61 so no excuses… that said I’ll watch such when it comes out.

  2. American Ninja Man says:

    The trailer by the way kicks ass. Indeed, was it that hard Don? Why did you have to go and do that Redemption, Last Sentinal and Crooked horseshit. I mean sure it’s early to say, but this looks like your best work in like 20 some years. Seriously though if you’re reading this Don, Cyber Tracker 3… make it happen. Also with the B-Team… you totally gotta have Dudikoff fight you at the end… I mean Bloodfist Vs American Ninja that’s what Stallone would do if he were in your place. In the sequel… David Bradley. I mean you already fought Steve James in one of the Bloodfists… you have do an American Ninja trifecta. Just keep it in mind Don. Yours truly, a fan.


  4. Jillian McWhirter says:

    After working with Don in a couple of Bloodfist movies White Tiger makes me want to jump back in!! Looks great! Jillian

  5. Ningen says:

    This actually looks decent by Asylum standards.

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