‘Top Gun’ sequel gets a title (and it’s not ‘Top Gun 2’)…

"Top Gun" Japanese Theatrical Poster

“Top Gun” Japanese Theatrical Poster

Back in 2012, director Tony Scott (True Romance) and Tom Cruise (The Last Samurai) began location scouting for Top Gun 2, but do to Scott’s death that same year, the sequel was put on hold. That is, until now…

Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the original, confirmed that Top Gun 2 is in the works. “For 30 years we’ve been trying to make a sequel and we’re not going to stop. We still want to do it with Tom [Cruise] and Paramount are still interested in making it,” the producer said. Cruise has supposedly agreed to return as hotshot fighter pilot, Maverick.

Sources tell Variety that Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) — who directed Cruise in Oblivion — is the front-runner to direct Top Gun 2 for Paramount and Skydance Pictures. While no official offer has been made, several insiders believe one is imminent.

According to ColliderTop Gun 2 will explore Drone Warfare and will mark the end of the fighter pilot Era. There are also reports that Val Kilmer, who played Ice Man in the original, confirmed that he has accepted a part in Top Gun 2.

Updates: Here are more details about the Top Gun sequel from Cruise himself (via AH): “We’re gonna have the same tone that we had with the first one. Stylistically it’s gonna be the same. We’re gonna have the same score from Harold Faltermeyer. Aviators are back. The need for speed, we’re gonna have big machines. It’s gonna be a competition film like the first one, and it’s gonna be in the same vein, the same tone as the first one but a progression for Maverick… .it’s not gonna be called Top Gun 2, it’s gonna be Top Gun: Maverick. I didn’t want a number. You don’t need a number.”

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  1. ningen31 says:

    As long as it has this “alternate ending”, I’m game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2Nn4wAVNOg

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